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OL and run game better than I had thought

The Alabaster Yak

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I think you're spot on here. There are a good 30 players on this roster that are here because they wouldn't make it onto any other P5 rosters. We're carrying a LOW G5 roster at the moment. Just to add: Kopp and all 3 of those TEs are free to leave as well.
I suppose the fact that neither Fauria or Olsen have seen the field much to this point means you’re probably right.


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Honestly, I see a fairly blank canvas for a new HC to work with, which is appealing IF he's able to hit the transfer portal hard. After telling myself (and trying to convince others) that returning 4/5 OL starters and adding an Alabama transfer was going to mean substantially better OL play, I have learned my lesson in that we simply don't have much talent on the OL. I'm hopeful that Carter and Gray can develop quickly and push for starting time, but there should probably be a decent amount of attrition in the OL room.

Since we're on the subject...

I can hope that Venn and Hankerson are good players, but that's just hope. Fontenot needs to be part of the attrition this offseason, as does Stacks. Smith can hang around as the veteran guy who has produced a little, but a new starter should be easy to find via transfer.

I'm also out on our veteran WRs. Arias, Bell, and Jackson all need to go. Sneed will be gone (I think?). Penry, Tyson, Robinson, Page and Sowell should be the only scholarship WRs that are kept.

Drew Carter and Brendan Lewis should both look elsewhere, IMO. Keep Shrout, McCown and Kopp (I guess), but a high caliber transfer is an absolute MUST.

TE might be the only room on offense I'm fine with seeing how the current guys develop (Fauria, Smith and Olsen).

Maybe this belongs in the Barzil Attrition Thread, but I see some serious attrition needed on offense and hopefully a new coach completely overhaul the roster.
Shrout and Kopp should prob be looking elsewhere too.


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I suppose the fact that neither Fauria or Olsen have seen the field much to this point means you’re probably right.
Was thinking about this the other day. I know everyone here loves Brady Russell, and I do, too. The guy has worked hard and is a good Buffalo.

I think one of the reasons Brady Russell is thought of as one of the better players on the CU offense has more to do with how precipitously the quality of player on offense has declined since Brady got here.

What I wouldn't give to have Viska, Rice, Broussard, or Montez back (or even Trayvon McMillian for that matter).