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RR Ralphie Report: Colorado 2024 football schedule announcement: Times, odds, TV


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NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Colorado Buffaloes are must-see TV and two more games were announced for national television last week, both of which in great time slots for CU. After the harrowing and gross game against CSU drew 10 million viewers at midnight ET in 2023, there was no shot that the next game between the two would be in the same time slot. Well, because the Mountain West has the rights to this year’s game, CBS got first pick and put the game in the primetime 7:30 ET time slot in week 3 (September 14) of 2024.

Additionally, in the last week of this season, on Black Friday, CU will play Oklahoma State at 10 AM on ABC, a competitive time slot in one of the biggest weeks of the year. Those two placements are huge wins for CU’s program. Remember 2022, when the Pac-12 Network had almost all rights? Things are different now. Read the whole press release here:


All in all, CU has four games selected for national television. As you might expect, the rematch against Nebraska is a lynchpin in NBC’s first year of full Big 10 rights, with a 5:30 MT kickoff in week two. Week one will start on August 29 (a Thursday) with a 6 MT kickoff against NDSU (still very nervous about that) on ESPN. It’s a fun time to be a Buff fan.

by Jack Barsch
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