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RR Ralphie Report: Colorado Buffaloes continue to impress at NBA Combine


News Junkie
2024 NBA Combine

Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Colordao Buffaloes are well represented at the NBA Combine this year, with Cody Williams, KJ Simpson, and Tristan Da Silva all representing CU at this week’s event in Chicago.

Simpson, in particular, has had a great combine. His performance in recent scrimmages caught the eyes of multiple outlets, with both ESPN and CBS Sports mentioning him as a player who’s impressed so far. Here’s what ESPN said:

“After a strong first scrimmage, Simpson (ranked No. 47 in our ESPN 100) wrapped up the combine with 11 points, seven rebounds and four assists in a win ... Defensively, he pressured the ball and fought over screens — critical at his size. In a league filled with oversized wings, some NBA teams won’t consider drafting a player of Simpson’s stature, so showing he can be productive in a different role was a positive step in positioning himself to get drafted.”

kj simpson's burst, change of speed and direction and legitimate vertical explosion help him dominate in a scrimmage setting.

he's small, but the creation and scoring diversity are undeniable regardelss pic.twitter.com/jxE5I2nPhk

— ben pfeifer (@bjpf_) May 15, 2024

And here’s what CBS Sports said:

“Simpson put his athletic power on display with an array of impressive offensive plays Tuesday in a Combine standout, which included a near Jose Alvarado-style chase down steal and a blow-by finish at the basket. He had everything working ... Simpson looked like the best player for stretches of the game but Scheierman has a case to be considered as well. Both had a very nice outing.”

Williams and Da Silva didn’t participate as much, though both tested well. Da Silva came in at 6’8 (without shoes), 216 lbs and a 6’10 wingspan, while Williams measured at 6’6, 178 lbs, and a 7’1 wingspan. All three guys are considered likely first round prospects in next month’s NBA Draft.

by camellis
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