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RR Ralphie Report: CU will be good in EA CFB 2025 - people are mad


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NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What a great way for the game to come back

Deion Sanders really came to CU at the perfect time for Colorado Buffaloes fans. Not only did he inject some needed excitement at the games and with the team, but he made CU a national brand right when NIL made it more valuable to become one. He also, as it seems, has had a positive impact on the rating of the Buffs.

EA is having a very fun time revealing the info of EA CFB 2025 ahead of its July 19 launch. They revealed the top 10 offenses, and LOOK WHO IT IS:

We’re baaaaack! What do you think of the #CFB25 highest rated offenses?

Top 25 | : https://t.co/QJRUvTib0f pic.twitter.com/qZ7a0n08dB

— EASPORTSCollege (@EASPORTSCollege) June 27, 2024

Look, I love the Buffs, but both CU’s in the top 10 (Clemson being the dumber one) do not belong there, imo. However, I will ABSOLUTELY be taking advantage of this. Travis Hunter on a drag route is going to be an easy win.

Now, you may be thinking, OF COURSE CU has a top 10 offense, they scored a bunch of points and return a great QB in Shedeur Sanders. I agree, somewhat! However, that is not where it stops. CU is also in the top 20 on defense in this game. This, I think we can all agree, is a pretty big stretch. The Buffs improved their personnel drastically along the defensive line, but CU finished 127th in yards per game last year. Asking for a 107 team jump is quite a lot. Oh well, this will make it even more fun to play CU in them. Finally, this leads us to the overall power ranking in the game. This is where people got very upset:

CU is ranked 16th on the @EASPORTSCollege Power Rankings pic.twitter.com/LWr7uKkDFP

— DNVR Buffs (@DNVR_Buffs) June 28, 2024

Once again, I personally love this. Colorado tied with Oklahoma and Wisconsin and USC? That makes perfect sense to me, no notes. However, if you take a look at one Reddit comment thread, you’ll see that others have different ideas:

If you need more internet rage in your life, take a look!

by Jack Barsch
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