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Recruiting News - Olympic Sports

I looks like the women's XC and T&C teams have already received their 1st commit for 2023/24 (at least that I know of) - distance runner Karrie Baloga, who currently attends and competes for Cornwell Central HS in New Windsor, New York.

Welcome and congrats to her!

Article after she was named Gatorade's girl cross country athlete of the year for New York after this past season (her junior year) - https://www.recordonline.com/story/...oga-wins-gatorades-new-york-award/9201426002/

Her HS results (Requires a (free) subscription to see much history):
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=14118011
Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=14118011
Just wanted to post a note that I assume all the CU Olympic sport coaches and other recruiting staff, except for lacrosse***, are resting their voices and exercising their calling and typing fingers, as June 15th is when they can legally (based on NCAA rules) begin contacting next year prep juniors (college frosh class of 2024).

Per https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/co.../2021-22D1REC_OtherSports_RecruitingGuide.pdf :

  • June 15th is when they can begin contacting and providing recruiting materials to those class of 2024 froshies remotely, either by phone, email, text, etc.. That contact CAN also include verbal offers.
  • On August 1st, they can start having in person contact/ meetings. This includes official and unofficial visits to the campus as well as, I assume, ,visiting the recruits home, high school, or, probably more common for the Olympic sports, holding meetings at various club tournaments, invitational track and field meets, etc..
***Lacrosse (and softball for those schools that have that sport) actually set up tighter rules, a couple years earlier than the other "Olympic" sports initiated theirs, that dictate that ALL contact, whether remote or in person, not start until Sept. 1st. Those 2 sports have elected to keep their later date, so NO contact, either remote or in person, can occur before Sept. 1st. (Per the table I linked to above, looks like lacrosse also restricts where in-person off-campus contact can occur, limiting it only to the recruit's "educational institution or residence", so it sounds to me like they can't talk to recruits at club tourneys or other club events.)

Note - Per the link, none of the above has any relevance to football, basketball, or men's ice hockey, who all look to have their own unique recruiting policies and dates. Baseball looks to be similar to lacrosse and softball, but does have one or two different dates than they do.

I've never really observed the timing these newer (believe they're 2-3 years old?) rules have created as to how soon student-athletes begin verbally committed, but hope to do so this year.
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So this explains why Ann Elliott Whidden and her family are vacationing in Michigan for a month.
Yesterday, sounds like Incoming women's track and field middle distance runner Addy Wiley broke the national high school record in the girl's outdoor 1600 meters, and (after conversion) outdoor mile, by a LOT***.
(***Per the article linked to in the below tweet, her time beat the girl's 1600M outdoor record by over 8 seconds. Since the mile is more often run in many of the elite meets, I believe it's also common to convert 1600M times up a little to see how it would equate to the mile, which i is only 9 or so yards farther than 1600M. That 1600M converted mile time for her from yesterday is also more than 6 seconds faster than any other outdoor mile ever ran.)

Congrats to her!

Direct link to article - https://www.milesplit.com/articles/316003/breaking-addy-wiley-runs-the-fastest-mile-time-ever
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Looks like women's track and field has picked up a potentially VERY nice late addition for its next (2022/23) seasons, as they've announced the signing of hurdler/ sprinter/ jumper Joy Moorer, who competed during her high school years at North Canyon HS in Phoenix.

Among many other things, she was recently named the Arizona girls' Gatorade track and field athlete of the year, I'm sure much based on her results at Arizona's D2 State Championships last month, where she won the 300M hurdles and long jump, while also earning 2nd places in the 200M sprint and 100M hurdles. (Per the article linked to below, her top 300M hurdle time was #5 in the country for high school girls last season. She definitely looks to be a late add, as the article (dated 6/30) said she had signed an NLI (National Letter of Intent) to attend Texas A&M.)

OFFICIAL welcome and congrats to her!

Article after she was named her state's girl's athlete of the year by Gatorade - https://playeroftheyear.gatorade.com/winner/joy-moorer/39297

Her HS results (requires a free subscription to view it) - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=9173208&L=0
I'm guessing the below is Coach Mahoney's confirmation of Ms. Jordan's commit, who is a 6'3" outside hitter/ right-side hitter currently attending and playing for Ridge Point High School in Missouri City, Texas, as well as playing club ball with Houston Juniors.

Welcome and congrats to her!!!

A few more things I could find on her:

A recruiting page that includes some highlight videos (the latest is from March 2020) - https://sportsrecruits.com/athlete/sydney_jordan

HUDL page with more videos-

Maxpreps page with her high school stats - https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/sydney-jordan/00NQ3Lk-EemAzfp8ouYFiw/volleyball/stats.htm

Per https://www.houstonchronicle.com/ne...share-20-6A-volleyball-MVP-award-15826988.php, she was All-District 1st team last season (when she was a sophomore).

Her high school and junior teams' acknowledgement of her commitment-

If the below is accurate and I'm understanding it properly, looks like Ms. Jordan may now be arriving in Boulder a full year early (for this coming season).?.

If so, again- welcome (maybe a bit earlier now) and congrats to her!

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Looks like the men's cross country and track and field teams may have picked up their 1st commitment (at least known to me) for the 2023/24 frosh class in distance runner Kole Mathison, who currently attends and competes for Carmel HS in Carmel, Indiana.

This past academic (his junior) year, a few of his highlights included coming in 5th in one of the big national cross country meets, which he followed up on the track last month by winning 2 championships (1600M and 3200M) at the Indiana State Championships. He was also named Gatorade's Indiana boy's cross country athlete of the year after last season.

Welcome and congrats to him!

His high school results to date:
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=15924030
Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=15924030

Article in his school's paper after his Gatorade honor - https://gocarmelgreyhounds.com/2022/01/31/kole-mathison-named-gatorade-runner-of-the-year/

Article after his double win at the State Championships (also includes a video interview with him) - https://www.indystar.com/story/spor...ison-wins-distance-double-indiana/7457726001/
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Per the below, looks like volleyball has received a new commitment for 2023, and men's golf may have picked up one each for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. (My usual website sources and social media sources for the sports haven't identified who any of the 3 might be.)

Per the below, I assume the new 2023 volleyball commitment that Coach Mahoney tweeted about above is 6'0" Outside Hitter Annelise Rising, who attends and competes at Mayfield HS in Pasadena, California, as well as playing club ball with the Sunshine Volleyball Club.

Welcome and congrats to her!

A couple links I found on her:

Her Maxpreps page (Unfortunately, looks like her school doesn't load stats.) - https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/annelise-rising/VthD1cs8EemAzfp8ouYFiw/default.htm


Also, re the last post that included a tweet that men's golf had received a new commitment for this coming academic year, it now looks like he is a transfer (Tucker Clark from Notre Dame ), so I'll post a little more on him in the transfer thread rather than here.
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Just saw in one of my main sources for lacrosse commitments (https://www.insidelacrosse.com/recruiting/commitments/girls?class=2022&league=6 ) that the Buffs at some point received another 2022 commitment in midfielder Lily Assini, who will be joining the Buffs after attending and competing with Cherry Creek HS in Greenwood Village, as well as playing club ball with Team 180 Lacrosse. (This is not a brand new commitment, as I now found an article from April (see last link below) about her being part of Creek's signing celebration.)

Welcome and congrats to her!

A few links for her:

Recruiting pages (The 1st includes some highlight videos)-

Articles where she was named All-American by USA Lacrosse after both the 2021 and 2022 seasons -

Articles after she was also named All-State after 2021 and 2022 seasons -

High school stats - https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/lily-assini/eFRZHzxSEemAzYoOhE8Jsg/girls-lacrosse/stats.htm

Article from Cherry Creek Schools back in April including her as committing to the Buffs - https://www.cherrycreekschools.org/...4B3E108&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=51213&PageID=1
If the below is accurate and I'm understanding it properly, looks like Ms. Jordan may now be arriving in Boulder a full year early (for this coming season).?.

If so, again- welcome (maybe a bit earlier now) and congrats to her!

Just wanted to mention that, after seeing some other more recent articles about her (Houston area prep previews, etc.), I'm now thinking she doesn't plan to start school at CU until next spring semester (beginning January 2023).
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The cross country program has begun posting its 2022 roster (https://cubuffs.com/sports/cross-country/roster/2022?&sort=class). (It is obviously an early effort, as they haven't even given years to the freshmen and transfers, and haven't updated the bios for the returning Buffs for last season's results.)

One name that is appearing in the early roster that wasn't known previously as being an incoming (2022 frosh class) Buff is men's 400M/800M runner Jacob Culig, who spent his prep years at Bear Creek HS in Lakewood, CO. (As a shorter distance runner, assume cross country will mainly be a nice training opportunity for him to improve his strength to improve his track performance for the upcoming indoor and outdoor seasons, but who knows how different athletes react to the greater mileage that collegiate runners typically run while training.)

OFFICIAL Welcome and congrats to him!

His HS results:

Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=13988051
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=13988051
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Thanks for all the effort to bring us the news on these Olympic sports AztecBuff. You are the Man....
As can be seen back in post #670 above, men's golf coach Edwards tweeted out that he had received a commitment from a 2023 frosh class golfer from Pleasanton. From the Instagram post below, looks like he is Brandon Knight, who per one of the links below currently attends Foothill HS there.

Welcome and congrats to him!

Article after winning the individual CIF State Championship this past June - https://www.danvillesanramon.com/ne...fer-knight-wins-state-individual-championship

Foothill HS's golf roster - https://www.foothillfalcons.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=188139&type=d&pREC_ID=443201
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Found a new volleyball commit per Richkern.com. Welcome Jasmine Saran to CU!!!

2022 commit 6'3" MB/OPP from Temecula, CA

The Buff vball team looks to have fully populated its 2022 roster now (except for pictures of the newbies; see https://cubuffs.com/sports/womens-volleyball/roster/2022?&sort=class), and Ms. Saran is not on it.

From a quick Google search, looks like plans must have changed, as she's showing up on the UC- San Diego roster (https://ucsdtritons.com/sports/womens-volleyball/roster/jasmine-saran/11752).

Best wishes to her as a Triton.

(Looks to me like her position on the Buff roster, middle blocker, will have some of the slimmest depth this season, with only three MB's listed. And, with the returning starters this season being a 6th year grad student and redshirt junior, assume the position will need to be a recruiting priority for the next couple seasons.)
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Looks like Asst. Coach Brockman and company are doing what they can to keep the longer sprints (400M, etc.) a continued point of strength of the men's (and women's) track and field team, as they have received a commit from one of if not the strongest 400M runners in Colorado, sprinter Luke Dry, who has spent his prep years at Highlands Ranch HS.

OFFICIAL welcome and congrats to him!

His prep results - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=14695362
Per my main source (https://www.milesplit.com/signings?year=2022&sortBy=college&collegeSearch=university+of+colo ) for track and field commits (and supplemented by the below tweet and linked articles), looks like women's cross country has picked up its 1st 2 2022 commits, and women's track and field its 2nd and 3rd. The 2 new distance runner commits are:

  • Caroline Mehlhorn, who attends and competes for Montgomery HS, Montgomery Township, New Jersey and
  • Addy Wiley, who's at Huntington North HS in Huntington, Indiana.
Welcome and congrats to them!

A little more on both:

Ms. Mehlhorn:
(With her best results being in the longer track events, and her winning every (5K) cross country race she ran last season, I'd GUESS she looks like a longer distance prospect.)
Her prep results to date:
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=14107389
Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=14107389

An article from a week or so ago about her commitment - https://nj.milesplit.com/articles/305108/montgomerys-mehlhorn-commits-to-the-university-of-colorado

Ms. Wiley:
Her prep results to date:
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=15550659
Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=15550659

Webpage after she was named Indiana's girls 2021 Gatorade track and field player of the year - https://playeroftheyear.gatorade.com/winner/addy-wiley/38650

Article from a few hours ago about her commitment - https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/huntington-norths-wiley-commits-to-university-of-colorado/

I had noticed a day or two ago that Ms. Wiley was no longer on the CU cross country roster, and wondered if something was up.

Looks like she must have changed her mind and decided to stay close to home. (This tweet is confirmed by looking at Huntington's cross country roster page (https://www.huathletics.com/roster/21/13).)

Best wishes to her.

Was wondering when we'd have our 1st 2024 Olympic sport commitment, and it looks like it may have happened. Per the below tweet, looks like soccer may have received a commitment from forward Jace Holley, who plays at and attends Rocky Mountain HS in Fort Collins, as well as playing club ball with the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club.

Welcome and congrats to her!

A few things I could find on her:

Her HS stats - https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/jace-holley/5eD1aC0jEkKokZWUHXqVzg/girls-soccer/stats.htm

A recruiting page with a few videos - https://sportsrecruits.com/athlete/jace_holley

HUDL page -

A Colorado Class of 2024 recruiting rankings page from prepsoccer, which looks to have ranked her #4 - https://www.prepsoccer.com/colorado/rankings/girls/2024-rankings/
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Not sure if it's as easy to find out who golf commits might be very quickly, but looks like the men's team has picked up a 2024 from Wyoming.

Welcome and congrats to whoever it is!

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From the below Instagram post, looks like the new men's golf Buff for 2024 is Parker Paxton, who competes with and attends Riverton HS, in the town of the same name in Wyoming.

Article after he individually won (by 11 strokes), and helped his team win, the 3A State Championships last September - https://county10.com/wolverines-win-state-golf-title-parker-paxton-takes-individual-win/

And, another after he recently won his 3rd straight state championship - https://trib.com/sports/high-school...cle_ec222b00-3704-11ed-8204-837492a0fd4c.html

Artile after he finished 7th at the High School Golf National Invitational Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina (I believe a couple months ago) - https://county10.com/parker-paxton-7th-at-national-golf-championships/
Per the below, looks like lacrosse has picked up another 2023 verbal commitment in defender Lola Flynn, who attends and competes at Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester HS in the town of the same name in Pennsylvania. She also plays club with Ultimate Lacrosse. (Looks like she's a multi-sport athlete, still playing basketball with her high school team, while also having played quite a bit of soccer in her youth.)

Welcome and congrats to her!

A little more on her I could find:

A few recruiting pages:

From the Coach Mahoney tweet below, looks like volleyball has received its 1st 2024 verbal commitment. Per Rich Kern ( https://www.richkern.com/vb/recruits/indexsub.asp?Div=DI&VBYear=2024), it is 6'0" left handed Opposite (AKA Right side) hitter Gwen Schiff, who attends and competes with Urbana HS in Urbana, Illinois. She also plays club ball with the Prime Time Volleyball Club.

Welcome and congrats to her!

A little more I could find on her:

High school stats:

Article from summer discussing the interest in her from various college teams - https://www.news-gazette.com/sports...cle_3e4f01ae-04e3-5d1d-8027-8abdceabe505.html

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Per my main source for track and field and cross country commitments (https://www.milesplit.com/signings?year=2023&sortBy=college&collegeSearch=university+of+colo), I assume based on the below Instagram post, looks like the women's team has picked up a top 2023 verbal commitment from Abbey Nechanicky, who competes at and attends Wayzata HS in Plymouth Minnesota.

Welcome and congrats to her!

Some more on her:

Dyestat has her ranked #2 in the country in their most recent (10/6) individual girls' cross country rankings (https://dyestatxcrankings.runnerspace.com/gprofile.php?mgroup_id=46052&do=news&news_id=647984).
(The other 2023 women's Buff commitment I know about, Karrie Baloga, is #5 in those rankings. In addition, the only CU men's commit I know about for that class, Kole Mathison, is #5 on the men's side.)

Milesplit Article on her commitment - https://mn.milesplit.com/articles/321320/wayzata-standout-abbey-nechanicky-commits-to-colorado

Her prep results (requires a free subscription to see most of it):
Cross country - https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Athlete.aspx?AID=14044784
Track and field - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=14044784&L=0
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From a tweet which I'm assuming is from a family member, I'm thinking the women's track and field team may (???) have received its 1st non-distance runner verbal commitment for 2023 from high jumper Riley Ward, who currently competes with and attends Flower Mound HS in the city of the same name in Texas. (From the tweet, she's planning on signing early tomorrow morning, so if I'm wrong about this I'll quickly know.)

If I got it right, Welcome and congrats to her!

Her prep track and field results -
(She ended her junior season BIG this past May, winning the state championship in the high jump in Texas's largest school (6A) division. Her school must have a nice program, as they also won the girl's overall team championship.)
Don't have time to dig right now, but per the below looks like soccer has picked up a new student-athlete for next (2023) season.?. (Given the timing, I'd say it's at least as likely it could be a transfer (???) as an incoming freshman, but putting this in this thread for now.)

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