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Sean mother****ing Lewis

I loved watching this offense this Saturday - seeing swing backs open, “full backs” blowing up line backers in the goal line, natural looking catches (seemed like every caught ball by CU for the past 20 years was a struggle and 50/50 on whether the catch would actually be made), QB rolling out of the pocket and finding an open relief valve. GLORIOUS!!!

But my favorite play was when we weee going SO fast that we snapped the ball when TCU had 12 men in the field but even the linemen were still standing there looks at the sidelines. That is my dream scenario for NHO / uptempo. Made Oregon look like the B1G. I hope we keep doing that at home as well.
I enjoyed NOT seeing the QB receive the snap, and start sprinting out of the pocket before even setting his feet.
When our QB did feel pressure, he was able to slide away. When he completely abandoned the pocket, he was looking downfield and usually found a receiver.

We have averaged perhaps 10-20 throwaways to avoid sacks per game for so long.
Shedeur should have thrown one away instead of running out of bounds, but otherwise, he was looking for receivers and usually finding them.
I'm not reading all of this, so maybe I'm not the only one to say this, but I think you have to extend Lewis, back the Brinks truck, and give him a big ass buyout. He's going to get a great job, but at least let's get paid when someone comes for him.
Meh. He is getting a P4 head coach job or NFL OC either this year or next. If he stays one more year, he will get a fairly large raise, but he is not staying any longer than next year. He has already proven his worth as a OC (this year with CU and at his previous stops).
Colorado football offensive coordinator Sean Lewis got real on why he left his head coaching job with the Kent State football program.

The Colorado football program has turned some heads so far this season with Deion Sanders taking over as head coach of the team, but offensive coordinator Sean Lewis is a big part of the success so far as well.

Sean Lewis is a former head coach in FBS, and led the Kent State football program to their first bowl win in school history. As a result of what he did with the Kent State football program, he became a hot name for bigger coaching jobs, but remained at Kent State for a while. However, when Luke Fickell left Cincinnati for Wisconsin, Lewis became a candidate, but Scott Satterfield eventually got the job. Lewis decided it was time to leave Kent State at that time, which led him to take the Colorado offensive coordinator job.

“When the Cincinnati stuff fell through, I thought, All right, if they don't recognize in-state what we had done and how things could be, well then, it's probably time for a pivot,” Lewis said, via Bruce Feldman.

Lewis said that he was not prepared for the amount of interest he had in 2019, and that he did not take enough time to step back and think about what would be the best for his family and career. After everything settled, Lewis and his wife sat down and thought out the next moves.

“So when all that happened, my wife and I sat down after that whirlwind died down — all right, we're in a good spot,” Lewis said, via Feldman. “We're in a really good spot. If we are going to move and pivot, what would that be for and why would that be the case? We made up a personal list that we kept private about where we would go and for what reasons, so when this opportunity came available, we cross-referenced that list. We knew what it was and we talked it through. If we're gonna be on this crazy adventure, let's go. Let's jump.”

Lewis hopes to help Colorado continue its success in the 2023 season.

Absolute dog **** performance from Lewis and his offense. Edwards is not it at RB right now, too small between the tackles and the amount of horizontal bull****...Sean Watson vibe
One game should not define Coach Lewis.

He will get things figured out.
It will be figured out when we have an offensive line that can compete. We don't have that right now.

And need a serious talent upgrade on the DL as well.

Game is still won and lost on the LOS.
So all that can be done is generic short side screens to Weaver/Horn, forcing Edwards between the tackles, or 5 yard curls?
Absolute dog **** performance from Lewis and his offense. Edwards is not it at RB right now, too small between the tackles and the amount of horizontal bull****...Sean Watson vibe
You Suck Colin Jost GIF by Saturday Night Live
The book on us now is to play a lot of DBs & keep everything in front to avoid big plays through the air. If we can't figure out how to run the ball against that, it's a problem. If we can't figure out how to give Shedeur a ton of time to let plays develop against a 3- or 4-man rush, it's a problem.