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What Are You Rooting For Saturday Afternoon?


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Club Member
I’ll be the bad guy. I want to see the Buffs get blown out so we can rip the bandaid (rotting graft rejected by the host) off. Gimme UCLA 50+


I try to support even the worst HC until it's clear as **** that they're the wrong guy for the job and actively harming the program. So, then I want to see them get rolled because CU isn't above bringing dudes back despite being clearly unfit


Did not pee on the Alamo.
Club Member
Who do the nubs play this week?

I also can't bring myself to root against the Buffs, but my solution to that is to not watch the game.

Then I can be glad if it's bad enough that KD is less likely to be the coach on Monday.


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Club Member
Boys weekend in Keystone. Golfing on Friday and the plan was to watch Buffs on Saturday, but probably going to be watching other games. I made it huge betting against the Buffs last week (first time fading the buffs ever), so I don't have it in me doing it two weeks in a row.


It's a big world at Brewers Bay
Club Member
USC -6.5 in Corvallis. I’m honestly not very interested in the CU game and the never ending dysfunctional soap opera.

Mr. Babar

I have no elephant books
Club Member
Rooting for CU to win as always which isn’t going to happen, but definitely don’t want it to be a close loss where the AD sees “improvement” and justifies keeping KD the rest of the year. If we lose, may it be a trouncing of all trouncings to force RGs hand.

The Alabaster Yak

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Club Member
Sucks for the players, but definitely rooting for another 25+ point loss, boos from the small crowd that is there and people leaving by halftime. I feel confident that gets Dorrell fired Sunday morning (maybe announced Saturday night).


Well-Known Member
Always rooting for our students athletes to be successful.

But I won't be upset if the coaching reveals itself to be so poor (again) that they cannot achieve that.
A UCLA blowout. I want Stoneface gone, and that's the easiest way to accomplish that.

I still want our kids to be successful-and I will get up there for a home game if Dorrell is fired in season. Not wasting my money or time on that until he's out though.


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Club Member
a brutal, shameful, embarrassing loss. I won't watch the game because I just can't anymore, but that's what I'm hoping for. the faster we get on to the next phase the better. the more pressure builds on the "leaders" the better.


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Club Member
Close win in an ugly game that shows no actual improvement or a 40+ point loss. A close loss in a decent game is a gut shot.

Also hoping I can find a cow moose with in bow range. I will look up the score when I get back to camp.


Dancing is forbidden
Club Member
I'll be there, because I missed the TCU game and we invited some of Mrs. Torero's friends to this game before we knew the season would be a complete disaster. I'm hoping to see Ralphie, sunshine, spending the last 3 quarters at the tailgate drinking beers, and Karl gone by Sunday.

NW Buff

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Club Member
Good for you. Nothing worse than being through my second beer on Friday night when my wife casually drops "Oh, and there are three birthday parties you need to take the kids to this weekend. All are at indoor bouncy places."
I do not miss those days, although the new days of hoping the alcohol/drug use is minimal has it’s own challenges


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Club Member
My hunting was less productive then CUs offense. Glad I still have 2nd rifle season to make up for it.
It was really warm, what altitude where you at?
Luckily it was raining and sleeting where I was, so got lucky. Lots of up and down between 10k-12k but got him around 10.7ish

Rain helped sneak up on him. Dude was massive for a 6x6