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'20 TNFR SDE Antonio Alfano (SIGNED and ENROLLED with COLORADO)


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****braska. He will get an under the table contract to play in disguise against NDSU so that the Nub-feckers can gap the talent and pray more optimistically for a win.... something, anything to give them hope under that whiny bitch of a coach in Sinkingcoln.


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Idk what this means, but seems at least positive
Interactive Physiology? His academic cred is a very positive sign. Gives me hope that he could get it done on the gridiron if he deicides to take it as seriously as he does his academics.

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Yeah, based on the reaction from A LOT of other CU players, I'd just cut the cord on Alfano. He seems universally disliked on the team and his teammates seem legitimately bothered that the school is propping him up like this.
Young men forget about this stuff pretty quickly. All will be well if he works his way back, does what's asked of him, and balls.


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I'm with Scheck, he will need to earn back the respect of his teammates; but by putting in the hard work in all areas and maturing hope that he can do that. First of all, he will have to show that he is a good teammate. I have expectations for him, but they are really tempered with all that he has gone through. I just want to see him become a productive student and player, if he becomes a star that is gravy. I am glad that CU found a way to keep him in the fold, as CU has done for other players in the past--Falo was the last guy.

I think it is good that when CU gives an offer, scholie and place on the team; that the school lives up to its obligations in trying to get him both onto the field, but more importantly through school. This is important for future recruits.

So now they will finally seek a waiver...


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I love how the uber Christian ****braska fans are fine with giving Football Players 2nd chances after violent assaults but CU fans pearl clutch over giving a 2nd chance to a player for ditching team meetings and smoking weed.
Especially when the ****braska player does nothing in the class room to earn it back and the CU player manages to work himself onto the Student Athlete of the Week.
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This is good news but I can’t help but wonder just how long it’s going to be before we actually get a chance to see him play. He’s a difference maker, for sure. This will be CUs best DL in years once we actually start playing again.