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'20 TX WR Keith Miller III (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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Wanted to share this awkward interaction between ASU commit, WR Chad Johnson Jr, and Brenden Rice that ASU fans have brought up:

As a way of giving Keith Miller a ton of props! His peer recruiting on twitter has been all about “us.” “Let’s go dominate the Pac12.” It appears that he will also bring a couple of big time recruits with him on his next visit to Boulder. Already going to be a fan favorite.


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I am not going to worry about when we hear things. Was out with a bunch of Buff fans last night and it was just really awesome to see everyone excited again. The Buffs are fun again. It is a very good sign of things to come!
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Love when we have guys who take ownership in the program.

These are the guys who not only bring in other players but once here become the on field leaders. These are the guys who push other players to work harder in practice, to maintain focus in games.