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'20 TX WR Keith Miller III (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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That’s not old! 😂 I’m 41 with 3 kids over 18 and a 7 year old. I’d pay for 35! I would just say your out of the loop on the way kids talk.
Doing math... 3 that are >18 and a 7 y.o.



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Idk if CU had a baseball team at the time? JFC, Dave Logan got drafted for all three.
CU had a baseball team during Logan's era but he didn't play. Head coach was Irv Brown who tried very hard to get him to come play baseball instead of basketball. Logan was drafted for baseball out of high school and Irv was convinced that he probably could have made more money in baseball than football.

I've never seen Miller (or any other of our recent recruits) play HS baseball but as a general statement good baseball players tend to have above average hand/eye coordination. As a WR I would expect that he is better than average at timing catches and at seeing the ball into his hands.


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Good luck to him. I was kinda sad that he never saw the field. Definitely had some personality during that recruiting period…probably helped a lot on flipping Gonzalez from Purdue to CU.


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Good luck to him. Right decision after seeing freshmen like Ty Robinson, Penry, and Carpenter get playing time ahead of him.


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I'm really surprised he didn't see the field.

Best of luck to him, hope he catches on at another P5 program, though not getting PT at CU will probably not be looked upon favorably, even if WR is not a weak spot here.