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Every single call and non-call has been in Alabama's favor for the last 1:30. SDSU up 4 with the ball and just under a minute left
Damm, not gonna win many games when you shoot 12% from 3-point range and your star player goes 3-18 from the floor. All that aside, Bama had a chance to put this one away early in the 2nd half and didn't. Congrats to SDSU on being the first ever MWC team to make the Elite 8. I do like their tough, gritty style of play and their defense is legit.
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For the trivia nerds out there.....wasn't 2006 (the George Mason year) the only one since they went to 64 that featured no 1s at the Final Four?

And **** Alabama. Nate Oats shouldn't survive the Jamea Harris tragedy-I don't see much difference between that and what happened at **** Bailer.
Yup. Nantz had a good point during Miami/Houston. Think about the left side of the bracket for a second. One of San Diego State, Creighton, Princeton, Kansas State, or Florida Atlantic is going to play for a title in 10 days.

My money would be on K-State but who the hell knows at this point
Princeton trying to crawl out of a 16 point hole.

Side note on these Louisville games: Ian Eagle was born for big time basketball. The tournament will become a better TV event with him taking over the Final Four. He and Jim Spanarkel have worked together forever. Move Spanarkel up with him next year, CBS. Great analyst. Knows the game, easy to listen to, and there's obvious chemistry there.
Nowell is a hell of a player and he's been amazing this tournament. But does he have to get every call?
This has been a meltdown by KSU. 3 points in the last 6 minutes? Zero FGs. Fire Tad.
FAU just put me in great position to win my office pool. Basically, I need Texas to win its next game and can't have UConn win the title.
I like Dan Hurley as much as I dislike Bobby Hurley.
Did you see that interview he did during the under 16? The reporter is asking about his exchange with the officials earlier, and he starts kissing their asses on live TV. Best part was they had a camera on one of them-Keith Kimble....and Kimble's having trouble keeping a straight face. I do take satisfaction knowing Bobby will have to watch the Final Four from the stands or on TV like the rest of us.

The guy who really has impressed me throughout the tourney is Dusty May. Humble as hell from everything I've read-was a manager at Indiana under Knight 20 years ago, and look where he is. Hard guy to not like. FAU isn't the most talented team in the world-but they are 35-3 and did rip off 20 straight wins at one point this year. That might be one of the best coached teams I've seen in a while. They believe in him. They've never been rattled through the tourney-from the bizarre ending against Memphis to tonight. If you handed me $100, would I bet them? Naw-probably UConn or Texas if they win tomorrow. Is it going to shock me if they win this thing? **** no.

Another quick thought-Is he the reason Texas hasn't taken the interim tag off Rodney Terry? I'm not sure any coach's stock is higher than his is right now.....
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