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Virginia gonna choke again?
scared sorry not sorry GIF by ABB Formula E
My bracket started 0-3. (Work pool, forgot to enter it on AB.)

Fortunately, I had all 3 losing in the Rd of 32 anyway so it's insignificant. But kind of an inauspicious start.
San Diego State will win this. They're going deep into this tournament.
CofC wins by owning the boards. They haven't been able to do that today. That's what needs to change if they are going to win this.
SDSU is a bunch of grown ass men with NBA physiques. Over half the team's 21+ years old. That's the main thing I liked about them and didn't think they'd lose until they ran into NBA talent.
My real flyers were Arkansas and Michigan State to both make the Final Four. I'm anxious about them getting out of Rd1.

This Illinois team has so much damn firepower, you just don't know what team you're going to face with them. Today, it looks like the version the Hogs defense can shut down. 🤞