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Weird. The ISU folks have enough experience playing ****braska that you’d think they would just use piss balloons like the rest of us.

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@Duff Man I thought Jalen Hurts was severely overrated? Lol, I'm just giving you a hard time, but is Lincoln Riley just a QB wizard?
I was one of those that thought he was way overrated, so I will respond as well. He's had a few years to grow as a player and we didn't really get to see it (other than destroying Mel Tucker last year). Second, Lincoln Riley is absolutely a QB whisperer. Third, he's played no good defenses.


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D'Eriq King is transferring from Houston, gonna redshirt this year and will grad transfer next year. He scored 50 TDs last year and I hope someone on the staff is keeping an eye on that situation.

Fantastic start to the Holgorsen era for Houston.


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Sounds like it could be more than just him from UH

Hope Houston boosters can match whoever called his dad


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You sign a LOI with the intent to play football. If you decide you just want to redshirt, shouldn't you lose your scholarship?


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He did say there are a bunch of guys considering a RS there this year. Maybe at 1-3, they are wanting to RS and return a bunch of 5th year guys in year two under Holgerson to make a big run?