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CU has rejoined the Big 12 and broken college football - talking out asses continues

Colorado is still on the center stage.
From more than one source the cancelation of the BOR was more of a quick break than a sign things fell apart.
ASU and Utah are getting nervous.
It's known that if CU would be the first to pop, then most likely Arizona would soon after. Would this cause the other two 4 corners to follow?
What sources?
I will note a slightly perceived difference in pulling things out of one’s ass versus talking out of their ass. Or maybe it’s a distinction but not a difference. More stuff to ponder on a beautiful day trip in Buena Vista, CO.
this would take the whole thing to another level... i am trying not to smile at the pure chaos that would ensue.

This is exactly what happened when Texas and OU went to the SEC. We've seen this before.

Huskers are never going to be good again, but this will impact the blue bloods as well. Undefeated or even one loss is probably not going to happen much anymore. A lot of 3 or even 4 loss teams in the 12 team playoff going forward, IMO
I sense CU B1G envy.
Shut up and enjoy your paultry $s gained rejoining the Big 12, or staying in the PAC.

BTW: Who the fukke is Prime? Is he a new player from the portal?
It's spelled P-A-L-T-R-Y.

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