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Game thread- Men's basketball opens 2019/20 season in Shanghai vs. ASU (Friday, 11/8, 8:30 PM MT)


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First game of the season. Take it easy. But ya, our weakness is so obvious. No second ball handler. Kountz is disappointing so far.


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Good win. So many missed free throws and what felt like 47 turnovers in the backcourt. Sloppy but pretty typical early in the season. Faced a little adversity and overcame it. Don’t like that a Bey 3 appears to be the equivalent of a turnover but seems that Tad is okay with those so he must be capable of hitting it.

ASU team is tenacious. Will give some teams fits.


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**** yes. **** ASU, **** Hurley and Remy.

I think it’s a really good sign that Gatling is buried in the depth chart. We look good. Sloppy turnovers, but man I really like how we look overall.


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Solid win against a solid opponent, even if they were down big guys. It made them more guard reliant on offense and created some unusual matchups. McKinley was tremendous. Biggest weakness is a secondary ball handler. And free throws tonight, but I’m not going to complain about that unless it becomes a trend. Remy Martin is a really good player. Bobby Hurley’s face continues to be very punchable.
My toreros come to Boulder next week. They should not be a threat. I know USD has won the last two years, but they lost a LOT from last years team.
Go Buffs.


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Uhhh...yeah. CU was clearly the better, deeper team, regardless of ASU's missing players. CU wins the rematch by ten or more with full squads. CU should win 24 or 25 games in the regular season.
Too early to say. Pray to hope Kin is healthy for the whole season.


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Buffs won with rebounding and poise once they got the lead back gradually able to open the gap up just enough.

Who is going to start at the 2 guard? Lots of candidates, but no body was consistent.


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Good win, but teams will find out quickly this team solely relies on McKinley to run everything.

You can see the potential in this team, though.

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No thanks to your jinxing mouth!
They should've won this game by 15+, fatigue started showing in the 2nd. It's game 1, should expect some sloppy play. Not to mention, they were in ****ing China. Their time schedules are all ****ed up probably, good thing they get a nice little week break. Get a little rest and get back to work.