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  • In addition to the game day thread we will also have live chat during the Buffs UCLA game. Consider it the 2020 version of a tailgate. This is normally a club member only feature but will be open to all registered users this weekend.

Games of 10/23-10/24 - B1G returns


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SJSU is better than I thought they'd be-but I'm not sure if that defense doesn't break if AFA goes on another drive like the one they had in the 2nd quarter


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San Jose State looks so much better to me. It looks so much like the CU/Air Force game last year, except Air Force is CU. Air Force has gotten lucky with a turnover and a few bad throws

Uncle Luko

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That FG, I have never seen no bull**** like that before. I've seen it hit both uprights and go in or out. I've seen it hit an upright, drop down hit the crossbar and go in or out. Nothing like that though, flat crazy.