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Brett Fulton

Well-Known Member
"Montez to the best player on the field" Exactly right. And Landman might be #2 and Montez #3 (or visa versa). Their QB was really good too, but some of his success is no one saw him or the offense before.

And no hyperbole here, if Viska can do this type of craziness through the PAC12 season he will be in NY as a Heisman finalist. Long way to go for that, but the Nubs were pretty good on defense, and they were geared to stop Viska and he still went crazy.

Mick Ronson

Well-Known Member
im not glad we have new hampshire next week.

home ticket owners should expect more....but that's a different story for another day.


Not allowed in Barzil 2
Club Member
Shenault's film is going to give a lot of CBs nightmares.

Strong, fast, tough, and by the way catches the ball even when he is covered.

And by the way just when the DB is on his heels ready to run in coverage he gets planted by a guy who is already one of the best run blocking receivers in the game.