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Lookalike & Game thread - #16 (AP)/ #16 (NET rankings) Men's bball on the road vs. #17 (AP)/ #25 (NET) Oregon (Eugene, Thurs., 2/13, 7:00 PM MT, ESPN)


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Well..... thought we'd lose.

Didn't expect us to take a 14 point lead and then piss all over ourselves.


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Oregon deserves some credit for some good defense. But the lack of aggression is infuriating. Not a single player looked interested in taking a shot in the second half. It’s baffling. And if you say that’s coaching, you have no ****ing clue what you’re talking about.


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Huh? You think we should have redshirted a 4* recruit who played in all 31 games? On a team that only had Wes, XJ and Tory up front?
Tad has said he WISHED he would have been able to. He had to play, but now it would have been great to have him another year


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Momentum shifted with that lucky 3 that was banked in at the end of the clock, especially when it was followed by Pritchard's deep 3 over Kin at the end of the clock.

Energized that crowd to a new level, too.


Buffs played well enough to win tonight. That Duck defense was salty in the 2nd half, though, so credit where it's due. Two good teams and they got us tonight. I want a chance to win a best of 3 series in Vegas for the tourney title.


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Pressed the entire game and we couldn't dunk it once on a fast break. Ouch. Back to practicing those banana cuts, I guess.


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Mark Jackson pegged it. MK3 has to stay aggressive. The team follows it. Buffs let up last 10 mins. Fudge, we had them, don't be scared of success boys, we are better than we think.