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Montez sucks...time to move on...


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I think I started this thread...I thank SM for what he’s done...but when you have a QB play as long as he has, you have no other QB...previous staff rode him with nothing to follow...it’s tough to be successful when you don’t have talent to challenge the QB...or provide a supporting cast to make the QB successful...wish him well...


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If we lose Saturday, I'd either a) sit him altogether or b) give Stenstrom and Lytle a couple series each (assuming Lytle is healthy enough to play) in that game. I get that its Senior Day, but you've got to find a happy medium between honoring the seniors and ensuring you're doing what's best for the future of the program. One of my biggest questions for this team going into 2020 is the QB situation. If I had to bet, I'd say we're starting either Lewis or a grad transfer against CSU next year, but I'd argue we're not doing right by Stenstrom and Lytle to give them a chance to operate this offense this year and get stuff on tape for the coaches going into the spring if we lose to Stanford.

That doesn't mean we as fans have to agree with his decisions.

This is a dumb take-he's a 6'5", 230 pound QB with a pretty good arm. He's going to get drafted, and its going to probably be way earlier than a lot of you think. Should Denver be the team to do it? No-too many other holes on this roster to take a flyer on another khaki pants QB. The teams I cited in the previous post are perfect spots for him-He wouldn't need to play immediately in any of those situations, and he'd have great QBs to watch and learn from in all three. The Chargers and Saints in particular need to start thinking about life after Rivers and Brees respectively, so I'd expect both to take QBs at some point in April. I think you always take at least take a flyer on a QB in the draft-even if you don't need them. New England has used backups they've developed to gain additional draft capital (Jimmy G) and fill other holes on their roster (Brissett).
We must be watching different games.


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I can see him going in the 4th round. He is going to be fairly impressive at the combine and throwing drills with no pass rushers.