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NCAA 2024 Tourney game thread - #5 seed WOMEN'S Bball - Sweet 16 game vs. #1 seed Iowa (Albany, NY; Sat., 3/30, 1:30 PM MT; ABC)

I'm not. She's awesome. Sees the court really well, can shoot the lights out, can take it to the hole, and is an excellent passer.

I'll definitely be rooting for Iowa over LSU.
She is very good, but I do not think they have enough athleticism or inside game to stop LSU
Will be interesting to see how it is called
I cannot really root for either team
An excellent team playing a very poor game. Not playing well on either offense or defense. Can't hit a free throw.

Wish our seniors could have gone out with at least a competitive game. It hasn't been competitive for the entire game.

Bad time to play poorly.

Will have to see in the fall how JR does in the transfer portal. Netty needs help inside and who replaces Sherrod and her leadership.

Iowa is much better than we are and I hope they win the natty.
not their best game for sure.

i knew the collective holy adoration of clark would be off the chart, but after the 1st q, i had to turn the sound off and put on wwoz.

"she's at such a different level. even when she misses a 3 by 2 feet with no one near her, her teammates are just glad to be in her presence."

Thank you to this team, especially the seniors.

RG's priority now needs to be rewarding Coach Payne and making sure she's in Boulder long enough to become a legend here.
Pay Me GIF

Woman, but you get the idea.
We are not down by 18 because of officiating. Please stop.
I only pointed out how bad I think officiating has been in games I’ve seen. I certainly don’t think it made a difference in today’s game.
Somebody trolled Netty on Twitter. I trolled them. They didn't like how physical she was on Steulke. Said she can't shoot or rebound. I do not agree and neither did she.