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Is Will Muschamp on the hot seat at South Carolina if they lose to Mizzou to drop to 1-3 (0-2)?


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Let’s hope he was telling the truth when he said he only wants to coach one team. It’d be nice if he was our Chris Petersen. Also, let’s wait until he makes a bowl game here before talking about him leaving.
I don't think many SEC programs sniff around him unless he wins consistently here.


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harbaugh's post-game presser of sadness was awesome.

as for Tucker getting called by sec teams, so-****ing-what? let him get something done here and then we can worry about whether he goes somewhere else. that **** can be dealt with, if and when you start actually winning.


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SEC programs opening scares the death out of me. I think Tucker would intrigue a program like Tennessee or South Carolina
That largely depends on how much the administration supports Tucker and his program. If they are committed to him and show steps like remodeling the press box side of Folsom Field than I think he stays unless a cannot miss offer comes along. There is also the aspect of building a legacy and it is far easier to build one in the PAC than the SEC. If we are all dreaming than few legacies are better than returning a once top program that has been failing for decades back to the very top of the sport. Stability and community fit are big and by all accounts, Mel seems have both in this job.
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Does MacIntyre’s buyout get offset if he is named interim HC or only for a permanent job?
We settled with him-7m ish
Yeah, I think it doesn't matter what he does at this point because of the buyout. Some details about it here:
The Daily Camera reports that the university’s $7.23 million agreement with Mike MacIntyre will save about $3 million.
The newspaper reports MacIntyre had three years and $10.3 million remaining on his contract when he was fired without cause in November; he was entitled to the full amount in monthly payments through 2021.
Officials say the buyout agreement reached Tuesday will be paid through the athletic department, not from tuition, taxpayer dollars or the campus general fund.
Officials say the agreement includes a lump sum payment of about $3.54 million no later than Monday and a second payment of approximately $3.69 million in January 2020.


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They have to give him three years. No one really wants that job.
You don't think anyone wants that job? I get that it won't be the best opening with Georgia and Florida being where they are at but they still pay well and have a big budget for assistants.


Hasta la Viska
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ramnation convinced Bobo will be fired this season despite a $5.5mil buyout. Only reduces to $3mil next year

Duff Man

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You don't think anyone wants that job? I get that it won't be the best opening with Georgia and Florida being where they are at but they still pay well and have a big budget for assistants.
Fulmer as the AD is an issue.