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Official Allbuffs 2021 gambling thread


There can be only one
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Won 2 games yesterday with judicious in game betting. Lost 2 today with cavalier in game betting. I really mean that - I was waiting to pounce yesterday, where as today, I knee jerked.

So stupid even though I treaded water. Well, treaded water before Draft Kings taking their -110 or -120 cut on 4 bets.

The Alabaster Yak

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I have bama money line can’t get there with Bennett as the dogs QB. My falcons under 7 1/2 win total cashed good sweat.
I’m thinking about it as well. Everyone is on Georgia and I’m just not sure betting against Saban hs ever worked out for anyone


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2-5 this weekend if you factor my NFL season wagers. Split that-missed epically on Eagles under 6, but hit the Titans winning their division. Weeeeeeeee.

I feel like I need to post a picture of Scott Frost's wife on here as penance.


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I just bet Alabama +2.5 (-105), and a parlay - that and the under. I've hated A. since the late 60s, when they barred CU blacks from certain hotels/facilities at a bowl game. I'll only cheer for the score, not the team. (and, Bear Bryant's hat sucked).

A great article about that game, and the prevailing racism:

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