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Official ****braska Hate Thread

Meh - Iowa is a good QB and a decent OC from being a top ten team. The Nubs are exactly what they are - a mediocre football team.

But their QB situation and the less meaningful nature of this game for them definitely tilts the game away from the Hawkeyes' favor.
Iowa has and develops premium quality Offensive Lines, yet rolls out terrible QB's, but wins 8-9 games a year like clockwork.
I would love the Iowa OL Pipeline, but with talented QB's and creative offense
Iowa also takes great pride in defense, and turns out good Linebackers
Nebraska is now playing Purdy's little bro, or their 3rd String guy, what is wrong with Jeff Sims?
Purdy played pretty well, especially his scrambles and runs. I think he’s better than Sims. I didn’t see the other guy play this year. He played young, but he could become decent.
Nebraska is now playing Purdy's little bro, or their 3rd String guy, what is wrong with Jeff Sims?
Had he played all season he would have been my favorite Nebraska QB ever. Adrien Martinez still holds the title due to the perfect timing of his soul crushing turnovers. The volume and regularity of turnovers that happened with Simms however, was mind bottling. In the Illinois game they were winning by 3 scores late in the game so they gave Simms a drive of garbage time. In that one drive the ball hit the ground or was nearly intercepted 4 times before finally there was a scoop and score that gave the Ilini some life and almost put the game in jeopardy. It might have been one of the best things I have seen all season. It isn't just his turnovers he somehow causes others to turnover the ball regularly as well. I've never seen anything quite like it.

and the obligitory answer to your question

fuskers being on the brink of bowl eligibility for the first time in six seasons, but having to go through Iowa to get there is fantastic.
I'm so conflicted.

On one hand, I know I'd love to see Iowa completely curbstomp the Nubs. But on the other hand, I do so enjoy the standard soul crushing moral victories that come down to a single possession and a lot of what-ifs.
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