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Pac-12 Network is restructuring


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It's only a matter of time before Amazon or Google or YouTube, etc get in on some kind of sports streaming package, right? The NFL will be looking for a new partner for the $1.5B package. If DTV bails on Sunday Ticket, their value for individual households goes down, but more importantly, the bars/restaurants that subscribe specifically for Sunday Ticket have no more use for DTV.
Barrons had a note out that said that last mile providers might decide the winners and losers of streaming. That youll get your content partly thru your isp / phone provider. The Verizons and Comcasts and ATTs will enter into exclusivity agreements with Netflix and or Amazon as a bundle service. Then throttle Disney, P12N, Fox Sports, P12N, Discovery, et al., under net neutrality rules unless they or their customers pay up. But at some point a few of these are gonna team up.