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Taking a moment to appreciate the 2020 Buffs Football season

Big Jim

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Fontenot was one of the best surprises on the team, looked like the better back, and demonstrated incredible balance, good hands, and more burst than I expected.

He was all that. It would be nice if he had enough speed to make some long runs too.


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Talking with a friend of mine A&M ulumni and donor this afternoon, scuttle butt is they're not anticipating the scheduled game with the Buffs. As a whole the SEC plans to play on time as many games as possible per their individual schedules. It gets a little more interesting, several SEC members have already sought back up opponents to fill in including a couple from the Big12 & ACC. This makes sense when you think about it, G5s are already petitioning the NCAA to relax requirements for the near future so they don't have to drop programs.
Not sure I understand? Does your friend think the Pac 12 will cancel their season but everyone else will play?


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Hope it’s nothing drastic. Our uniforms are elite as is
Current uniforms are good, but I'd happily welcome a return to these:

Do like the new alternate helmet we introduced this year though:

Medford M.

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Keep our current jerseys. They are some of the cleanest, most well regarded "new" uniforms around.

I wouldn't be opposed to an alternate gold uniform to wear with black helmets and pants.