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Tosh Lupoi - DC Alabama


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People are talking about how much of the play calling the candidates are responsible for in their coordinator positions. We are not hiring them to be the DC, we are hiring them to be a head coach. I remember when we hired Bill McCartney - he was a defensive guy but he tended to get more involved in the offense then the defense. McCartney was a leader, a communicator, paid extreme attention to detail, a great motivator, and a student of the game. He learned a lot of that from Bo Schembechler.

I am not saying Lupoi is McCartney but we do know he is hard working, a good communicator, and with a 5 year apprenticeship under Saban he probably has some of the other bases covered.

I guess over the last few days Lupoi has probably become my top choice, but whomever CU hires, I believe I will be happier if we go the coordinator route then if we hire a Tedford or Holgerson.
This is a great point that gets lost in the shuffle. He has the knowledge, he's getting playcalling experience, and he can certainly recruit and teach the coaches how to recruit, but does he have what it takes to build a staff, manage it, and lead a program? That is what Rick George will have to decide, and none of us are really in a position to know one way or another until we watch it unfold.

I guess it comes down to whether or not you trust RG implicitly to identify the right guy.