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2022 Transfer Portal

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Big doesn’t mean much if he’s not any good. He couldn’t see the field for a really bad OL across 3 different staffs over 5 seasons. He can’t play, man. Warm bodies do not equal depth, as we always like to remind bigbang2.

Look, he started 4 games in 5 years and suffered a bad injury which kept him out of the starting lineup in the worst OL in my lifetime, the entire next season. He isn’t leaving the program because he has better options. He’s leaving because he’s not in their plans for 2022 and they are clearly going to bring in multiple OL transfers to replace him and others who left.
But if he stayed healthy he would have been a starter for all 11 games he would have lost in 2022
Whoever made the decision to retain Gumbo and pay him nearly a half mil a year for nearly two full years while he "untaught" Kap's instruction and only recruited guards with offers from FCS schools in Louisiana should also resign.
Whoever allowed someone to hire gumbo and signed off on paying him nearly half a mill for nearly two full years should also resign.
I like Lytle. But he would have been a 6th year senior. It is the right move to bring in some one younger with multiple years of eligibility left. Lytle would be good attrition if his replacement was Brown. Brown could play right tackle or guard. A 310 pound Filip can compete with the tank for
the Left tackle starting spot. Wiley can be a swing tackle or move inside to play guard. Gray can take a redshirt year.
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Tommy Brown. 6'6" OT from Mater Dei (4*) who was kind of a swing OL for Alabama this year and got a start at OG in their quasi bye week game against NM State.
Hasn't been announced yet but it sounds promising according to Adam. The UVA beat reporters have also pretty much confirmed it too. One way another, an announcement is expected today since the deadline to enroll at either school was yesterday.
Seems a touch misleading to say he only started 3-4 games in his career, as the reason he left the starting line-up, after starting three of the first four games of the season in 2020 (the games we actually won when we were playing well, mind you) was a horrible leg injury. Not sure he fully recovered last year. But I’m sure he sucks and has nothing to offer. After all, a 270 lb. freshman needs his spot.

AT COLORADO: 2020 (Jr.)—Started three games and dressed for four before an injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season … Dressed for the UCLA game then started the next three games before his injury at Arizona … Played 193 offensive snaps with 134 plus plays with six touchdown blocks, four knock down blocks, three perfect plays on passing touchdowns, one cut block and surrendered just two pressures and one penalty … Played every snap at Stanford, vs. San Diego State and the first 42 before his injury at Arizona … Helped the Buffs earn mention as a Midseason Unit of Interest by the Joe Moore Award, given to the outstanding offensive line unit in the country … Named honorable mention Academic All-Colorado by the Colorado Chapter of the National Football Foundation.
This is what I remembered. Also the opera stuff.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Sanford may already have a connection to him recruiting in him in the past. Still won't be coming here, but stranger things have happened.
Chance to play closer to home (which seems to be a theme in the portal and CU looks to be getting this hopefully soon), play against USC, play in Pac 12 again, etc. I don't think it would be that crazy. I question whether Dorrell can sell him on the youth movement we are seeing though. This offense has potential with the right QB and a serviceable oline.
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