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2023 MBB Recruit Profile Index


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Regardless of other peoples inability to see what Tad’s trying to do with CU’s elite development program, I luv that Quincy, Luke & Bobbi Klintman can all play 2-guard spot. Even if they’re all more natural 3s. Tad used to recruit Javon & Mack-types to start at 2 and play at 3-in small-ball line-ups. Now he’s actually getting the type of 2-guard/shooters who can defend and Rbd 3-spot more effectively than is probably fair to ask of Javon-types. But Tad will keep giving big guards chance to show they can defend 3s.
In short...we long as hell


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Good to hear CU coaches putting in the time with Fall & Diop in South Carolina (see below):

Feels like our best chances are w/ Diop & Ndongo. But I really hope CU doesn't let Normand & Betts get away- I love all 4 of those kid's games & team-1st attitude.

I'm curious if CU expands '23 guard search beyond eventual offers to Christian Hammond (who I'm very impressed with as a solid point-guard & team-first scorer) & Sebastian Mack (equally impressive as Javon Ruffin-type big combo guard) to:
Frederick Dilione, Darius Carr, Brooklyn Hicks, Tru Washington, T'Johnn Brown, Jaland Lowe, TJ Ford, or Jason Fontenet- who are some of my Fav '23 guards!


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CU still seems to be to be in consideration for Normand, with his end of summer decision, even with him blowing up:


Tad found his ‘23 big? Love his fit as elite shoot-blocker next to Lawson & Hurlburt:


I would honestly be comfortable with our 3 6’10 recruits- Ndongo, Diop, and Betts- holding down the frontcourt, even if Ndongo probably only long-term fit as Big at 4 spot.

Fall, Isaiah Manning, Osiris Gradey still strong D-first options (Ndobgo elite D too). But curious if Tad goes all-in on McFarland/ True Big vs next offers to Gradey or Betts?