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I don't like Miami, but I think them +5.5 is the best net today.
I like SDSU, but I don't know about -2.5.
Entertaining game so far, SDSU led by as much as 9 and FAU by as much as 10. Good offensive first half for the Owls against this good SDSU defense
I thought the halftime analysis was spot on. Spacing & movement by FAU was GREAT. They're also surprisingly physical. And I loved Kenny's point about how they were in attack mode against a great defense, taking their first good look instead of letting that SDSU defense settle into the late shot clock.

That was pretty offense. If they can play like that for 40 minutes, even if the shooting cools, I think they'll be playing on Monday. Impressive team.
The whistle has been a complete disaster. FAU getting mauled on the offensive end, phantom fouls on the defensive end. That was almost certainly a goaltend on the missed FAU layup a minute ago.
Disagree with SDSU’s decision to play this out straight up, and not even be aggressive on defense either. That’s a small differential to play it this way.
shocked holy shit GIF
SDSU's physicality got to FAU at the end, but FAU also didn't value the ball the last 10 minutes like they did the first 30.

Hell of a game.
SDSU's physicality got to FAU at the end, but FAU also didn't value the ball the last 10 minutes like they did the first 30.

Hell of a game.
That first part definitely showed. Plus the only true big FAU has played with 4 fouls for quite awhile. Great game.
Absolutely nothing. There have been dozens of ideas floated about potential uses but none of them have panned out. In my opinion they should have bulldozed that thing years ago. And I say that as someone who has some good memories inside that stadium.
They still have high school play-off games there? I never played there, ours were either in Lubbock or Irving, of course, the old Cowboys stadium. :D