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2023 NIT Tourney Thread

Selfishly, I want UNM to win tonight so I would get to see our Buffs at the Pit this weekend. But damn are our chances of advancing a lot better if the next game was vs Utah Valley at the Keg.
Apparently Utah valley won at Oregon this year, so they may be kind of scary too.
When I posted the tweet from Lawson's father I didn't intend for it to turn into another referendum on his play. Rather, I wanted to get the point across that it's reelly not okay to treat our fellow human beings poorly. I find it very disturbing that someone(s) would actually approach a player in a restaurant and tell him how poorly he played.
Man, UNM is an absolute shell of the team they were in the first half of the season. I knew the wheels had come off in the last two months, but WOW.
I get so effing exasperated at these anti Tad people. They don’t even have the guts to admit they want him replaced. Just say it.
Tad Boyle is a hero. This was not the season we hoped for but we’re not done yet. And next year will be a great year.
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Disappointing end to a disappointing season for VT.

VTs loss does mean my commie dad wont message me about going to New Orleans for a VT / Wisconsin NITCG.