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J.R. Ewing

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Might be one of the least notable numbers in the years I have been following the team. Tom Ashworth maybe?

There is one notable guy at CU who wore #51. He was a multi-year starter who then went on to a long career in the NFL as a key protector for Broncos QBs, he even won a Super Bowl ring.

Answer - It was a trick question. Matt Lepsis was assigned #51 when he was a freshman at CU, he changed to #88 when he switched to TE.
That was the case for both Ashworth and Lepsis. Both guys who moved back and forth from TE to T and wore 51.

Fun note. I was Ashworth's high school back up.


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My memory of him was being a run and then getting caught from behind when we were playing an FCS team.
I said after that run he wasn't the answer at TB and was vilified for it. I do agree he was fun to watch as a man-child at TB, but no burst and no shake. Just power. And again, fun!


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Costco is selling a gorgeous CU Buffs plush throw right now. I saw a woman fill up 3 shopping carts full of them today so better grab yours fast. Not sure where she’s going to store all of hers until Christmas (her justification when I said go Buffs).