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Countdown to Kickoff

J.R. Ewing

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Chris Brown against ****braska and Texas, two top five teams, in back to back weeks:

380 yards and 9 TDs:love:

In 2002, he averaged 203 yards/2 TDs in road games.
I wish Shawn Watson had locked onto the run game earlier. We only ran for 66 yards in that loss to Fresno St.


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Ralphie has a better chance of driving a 1996 Mazda Miata hard top in the Daytona 500 than the possibility that BS ever worn a jock strap.
My guess is that Surveyor wore a jock strap multiple times before he dropped out of junior high school. There was always somebody who got to wear somebody else's used jock over their nose. Surveyor probably got that privilege multiple times.


There can be only one
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Brandon Drumm was a hell of a fullback.
And one certainly hasn't watched the broadcast and not know his name with how many times Brent Musberger yelled "and the Alaskan Assassin!" during that game.

Edit - I was there and watched it in full glory live next to a very humbled NU fan. But I have gone back and watched the recording. Let's just say more than once!


My Dixie Wrecked
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I've never really noticed it before because I was always so focused on watching Chris Brown's awesome running, but who was the fullback #33? He was really blocking well that day.

Wow, just Wow!
Check out day #33 of the countdown

sweaty teets

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Perhaps this isn’t the best thread but I just perused the first three week’s matchups and there were maybe five intriguing, can’t miss games. Absolute joke.