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CU players in the NFL


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CFL by-laws state that teams can claim exclusive CFL rights for up to 45 players by placing them on their negotiation lists. Players can be added, removed or traded from the lists at any time.



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A lot of CU fans would go absolutely nuts, in a negative way, if Montez ended up playing a substantial portion of the game and led them to a victory.
It would be great pub for CU, I would cheer it.

I would also know it was essentially like the Oregon game we won when he went for 300/100, and never came close to repeating the performance again in the next 2.5 years.


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Heinicke looks to be injured. Looks like Montez might be in on Washington's next possession.

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Heh. Miraculous recovery by Heinecke there. Better living though chemistry, no doubt.