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Mel Tucker killed my love of college athletics


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Any pretense of a competitive level playing field has gone out the window.
We now know how G5 programs feel.
The P5 has broken into 2 conferences plus Clemson, and then the rest. However, OU, Texas, USC, Stanford and probably a couple others can hang financially.
When players start to get paid, this becomes worse than what George Steinbrenner did to baseball.

When a top player chooses ****braska over Colorado because they can offer more money, I will officially be done.
Actually, I think I already am done. I paid for my season tickets last week. Good timing Mel! **** you


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In my 20’s and 30’s I was rabid. I was emotional watching football. Lose and I’d be all pissed. A loss would haunt me. A win would put me on cloud nine for a week. In my 60’s I just don’t get all that emotional anymore unless, maybe, we are playing a team I absolutely hate. As you age, at least for me, you just don’t get as emotional about sports. But I still enjoy it and my heart pumps during a close game.

I’m pretty disheartened over the way college sports has evolved though. For sure.


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It was a total dick move. The guy is simply a piece of **** liar. Dress him in whatever colors you like, he's still a piece of ****. Anyway, **** M****et, it would be silly for that inconsequential ****bag to "kill" anyone's' love for anything. **** that guy. Seriously.


I like the mask
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Agreed..its becoming ridiculous. The money is insane. 5-6 teams dominate. Need a coaches salary cap in college football.
Name one other profession where there is a salary cap in terms of your own individual amount of income? The market sets the cap, that's how it should be. They can do things like non-competes if you leave early in a contract but they can't cap the amount of money these guys will make. That's just not capitalistic.

I hate that CU is getting screwed by this but by trying to control the salaries of guys that choose to do this profession is not the way to do it.


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Didn’t see sbd post he’s on ignore but I think some kind of salary cap plus lifetime health care for athletes is a good idea