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Official ****braska Hate Thread


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Good lord, he is pathetic. The way he speaks of his players and the way current players and recruits speak of MT is such a stark difference. Scott Frost doesn’t get it, how did he ever win at UCF?

EDIT: on second thought, he’s a front runner. He doesn’t know how to lose, he doesn’t know how to handle pressure and he doesn’t know how to motivate. Good luck with that.
UCF could hire Surveyor and he'd win big there.


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Rumors are flying around that ****braska’s most productive WR of all time, JD Spielman, might be looking to transfer. Many months ago, an insider on their board told them to prepare for their “most popular” offensive and defensive player to leave once the season was over. They naturally blew it off because Frost has things headed in the right direction and only the soft Riley players would transfer. To make matters worse, one of the potential landing spots is Minnesota where he is from.

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂