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Official ****braska Hate Thread


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Illinois QB pointing to the scoreboard after scoring a TD and dealing with more “black shirt” trash talking. LOVE IT.



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Dammit Penn State, all you had to do was win one game. A no-win season would have been great. Omaha should start considering to get their **** together to get a pro team. It’s only a matter of time before the ****er faithful start skipping games to see what else there is to do on Saturdays in the fall.

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Any other team and I’d be like: call off the dogs, they’re dead. But this is ****braska, and when they lose by 30 points I’m pissed that it wasn’t by 50.


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Exactly what should be expected. It’s completely second nature to blame “execution” (players), rather than game plan, play calling, game management, coaching to help w turnovers, etc. Always everyone else’s fault but Frostys.

It would be fun if any of the beat reporters had the stones to call him out on that ****


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Frost is pretty much done at ****braska and his press conferences show it. He has no answers. I think he sticks around for another couple of years, but he is a zombie coach at this point. I predict they lose a few of their better recruits in the coming weeks.

And next year? Hard to see more than 4 wins on that schedule, and I’d really watch out for the Buffalo Bulls who come in as a so-called body bag game in Lincoln. If a lot of their players opt to return for a second senior year, that team will be good and certainly not a guaranteed win. They get OU as another OOC game, with Southeastern Louisiana as the only “sure thing” on the schedule.


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My brother who until recently was a HS coach in AZ believes that more than a few of their best players are ready to leave. His source is pretty dang solid. It's not a done deal but the word is Frost doesn't have the respect of the players and they hate his guts.

I hope he stays a long time. He will fire the DC soon to buy another 2 years.