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Official ****braska Hate Thread


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Tldr tldr I’m a biased hater but have I ever been wrong about anything ****braska related? I’ve posted it before but one of my childhood friends is the Kenny Bell for ****braska baseball: he grew up a Buffs fan but played baseball for them and obviously they’re his #1 team now but he still roots for CU too. Some unfortunate injuries ended his career there but he started working in the football department around 2015. He no longer works there but still maintains connections and gives me info every now and then for the lulz.

Not trying to be obnoxious “scoop” guy, but to my knowledge, I was the first person to post on a message board that Adrian Martinez had turnover issues, specifically fumbling the ball. I got this info from my buddy in the spring but wanted a way to prove it before I posted here about it. I would check 247 daily to see if any of their insiders or writers or anyone would confirm it but those homers were all sunshine, all the time. With no real way to prove it, I finally found (in the fall!) a practice shot that showed how careless he could be with the ball and posted it here as an example. I also posted that 247 had an article that made me go ??? about Tre Bryant being back and better than ever because I knew he was about to medically retire, and finding a back to replace him was going to be an issue for our first matchup.

Aside from other examples, I have called their exact win total every year since Tanner Lee was “looking like a first round pick” in the spring until this year where I legitimately thought they’d win 5 (I guess they still could). This was Frost’s best chance at a 2016 CU type year - super seniors everywhere on defense mixed with an experienced QB and some talent on offense. I would never bet money on a ****braska win but I would have told people to stay FAR away from the Illinois game. Turns out, Frost is just that much of a fraud.

Anyway, I also listen to their radio bits from time to time and I follow a couple of ****braska twitters I trust (people who have shown not to be homers). I’m biased and wrong often but I’d appreciate if our resident visitor didn’t ascribe my posts as bunk or out of touch with reality. I keep a decent pulse on their program.
Speaking of bunk and out of touch with reality, @BuffSurveyor (assuming you're talking about him) tried to tell us that Iowa was a "rival" of theirs before we handed them the back to back rip your heart out losses in 18 and 19.