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Olympic Sports- Transfers (incoming and outgoing) and other roster news

Just noticed that volleyball is updating the 2019 season roster (Edit to add link - https://cubuffs.com/roster.aspx?path=wvball&roster=511&sort=class), and all 7 of the freshman, and newer transfer Meegan Hart (see posts 146-147 for more info on her), have now been added. (Still no detail bio words/ info listed for any of them beyond the basics (high school, height, etc.).)

Anyways, another thing updated in the roster is that (last year) freshman middle blocker Allie Moger is no longer appearing on it. (Assuming this is accurate and not a website issue-) Wish her only the best on whatever paths she chooses for her future.
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Looks like men's track and field has lost its top returning sprinter*** to Texas.

Best wishes to Jon Maas (who hails from San Antonio) in Austin.

(***As a sophomore this past season, He finished 4th at the 2019 Pac 12 Championships in the 400M, while also finishing just outside the points (10th) in the 200M.)
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Read the article on McArthur and then found a 5 page thread on "lets Run" devoted to her transfer. It still amazes me how people trash a young person when they transfer. All the sudden they have no talent, can't play and are flighty. I thought it was just football and basketball people that were that stupid but I was wrong. I hope her and the gal from Boise that is coming in have great careers and more important have a great experience in Boulder
Also just mentioned this in the off-season soccer thread as part of my review of the updated roster, but also wanted to post here that midfielder/ forward Emily Groark, who is a sophomore this season, is no longer on the Buff roster. After starting 16 out of 19 matches last season (out of 20 matches played in total by the Buffs), and earning 9 points off 1 goal and 7 assists her freshman season, assume she will be missed. (Her 7 assists were 2nd on the team, behind only Taylor Kornieck's 10.)

From a Google search, looks like Ms. Groark, who is from St. Peters, MO, went back to her home area as, per http://www.slubillikens.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=27200&ATCLID=211806484), she's now at St. Louis U..

Best wishes to her.
There's more discussion starting on post #79 of the https://www.allbuffs.com/threads/20...eason-opener-8-22-hosting-drake.135894/page-3 thread, but since this is the transfer thread, also wanted to note here that, yesterday, soccer announced it has picked up a transfer for this coming (2019) season in defender Haileigh Adams, who will be a junior for the Buffs after spending her 1st 2 seasons at Grambling State, where she was last season named the 2018 Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Defensive Player of the Year.

Welcome and congrats to her!

Her CU Roster page - https://cubuffs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=13347
Cross country has started updating its men's and women's rosters for the 2019 season (https://cubuffs.com/roster.aspx?path=cross&roster=524&sort=class).

There are no surprise transfers in after the update, but I did want to note that the 2 women I previously noted in this thread as transferring in (Rachel McArthur from Villanova, see posts #150 and 154 above, and Emily Venters from Boise State, see posts #'d 148 & 149) ARE on the roster.

Both are juniors for cross country, with I believe Ms. McArthur also being in that class eligibility-wise for both indoor and outdoor track. From what I can see, it looks like Ms. Venters took a redshirt track year at BSU so will be a sophomore for eligibility purposes for both 2020 track seasons. (If ever needed/ wanted, looks like Ms. McArther does have a redshirt year available for all 3 running seasons, while Ms. Venters just has a cross country redshirt year left.)

OFFICIAL welcome and congrats to them!

Their roster pages -
McArthur - https://cubuffs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=13337
Venters - https://cubuffs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=13341

(See post #27 of the https://www.allbuffs.com/threads/in...ason-news-benner-pac-12-woman-of-year.139282/ thread on how important these young women might be to the Buff's (at minimum) podium hopes, as thestriderport.com has Ms. McArthur as its #40 ranked D1 cross country runner and Ms. Venters #13 heading into this season.)
Welcome and congrats to the 2 incoming grad transfer sprinters the track and field team just tweeted are joining the Buffs!

A little of what I could quickly find on them:

  • Chris Craig (college results - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=8996501) spent his undergrad years at Shippensburg University (Shippensburg PA) after attending Kennedy HS in Mt. Angel, Oregon. It looks like he has already redshirted one outdoor season, so will need to compete this season. Indoors, he may already be out of eligibility, although he only had a few early season results showing for the 2018 season, so if that was due to injury he might be able to have that considered a redshirt season so that he'd also have a year of indoor left.
  • Ronald Sayles (College results - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=10802369) spent his undergrad years at CSU after coming from Arbor View HS in Las Vegas. Looking at his results, hard to tell for sure whether he will be a junior or senior eligibilty-wise in outdoor (assuming his overall plans even include 2 years running track), as he's only showing 2 years of outdoors in the results linked to above. (Looks like he'll definitely be a senior for indoor.)
Just as reference (it's always hard to come to hard conclusions on a runner comparing their personal bests with individual meet results given track quality, weather conditions, etc. at different meets), the times needed to qualify for the finals and/ or score points at the Pac 12 Championships last season in the sprints were 10.46 for the 100M, 21.06 for 200M and 41.78 in the 400M. Hopefully with better facilities and support, they might be able to contribute individually at those Championships in one or more of those distances. If not individually, hopefully they can help the Buffs stay in the points in the 4X100M (6th at Pac 12's last season) and possibly 4X400M (8th at Pac 12's) relays.
As MOBuff 1st noted way back in post #131 of this thread, right-side/ opposite hitter Anyse Smith, who was a starter as a redshirt freshman last season, has been off the Buff volleyball roster since at least January of this year. Thanks to a post or two in the Volleytalk transfer thread, have found out that she has transferred to Arkansas Tech (per their roster- https://arkansastechsports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=3156).

Best Wishes to her going forward in Russellville in all her endeavors, including playing volleyball with the Golden Suns!
From the below, looks like track and field has has a transfer out in middle distance runner Alex Scales, who has transferred to Santa Clara. Best wishes to him.

I'd put this in the unconfirmed category for now, but per the below tweet, looks like soccer has possibly picked up a transfer from D2 CU- Colorado Springs in 5'3" midfielder Shanade Hopcroft. (Can only hope she has even a decent per cent as much effect to Buff soccer as a certain men's basketball player transfer from the Mountain Lions from a few years ago (Derrick White) had on his team.)

A few things on her:
  • From her CUCS roster page ( ), I'd guess she might be a grad transfer redshirt senior next season, and looks to hail from Aylesbury, England.
  • As noted in the tweet, she was named her NCAA D2 region's player of the year after this past season. From her roster page, she was (logically) also her conference's (RMAC) player of the year.
  • From the CU-CS stat page (https://static.gomountainlions.com/custompages/wsoc/2019/teamcume.htm#TEAM.IND), she led her team in both goals and assists last season, tallying 13 and 12 while playing in 20 of the team's 21 matches.

(Assuming this is accurate) welcome and congrats to her!


Found a highlight video for her for this past season-

(Also wanted to note it looks like her CU-CS coach has also moved up to the P5 level as she was named last month the new head coach at LSU (per https://lsusports.net/news/2019/12/11/sian-hudson-named-lsu-soccer-head-coach.aspx).)

Also, found a human interest story on her from a U.K. newspaper from last November which includes her soccer aspirations, etc.. - https://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/...r-star-aylesbury-taking-america-storm-1312256

Also, I've noticed there was an outgoing transfer for men's track and field I haven't previously noted in this thread, as decathlete Josh Farmer looks to have gone back closer to home (he's from Carlsbad CA) before this academic year started, and is now at UC-Irvine. (His UC-I roster page is at https://ucirvinesports.com/sports/mens-track-and-field/roster/josh-farmer/4439.) Mr. Farmer, who was a freshman last season with the Buffs, will I'm sure be missed, as he was already able to provide significant points for the Buffs last season at both the MPSF Indoor Championships (5th in the Pentathlon) and at Pac 12 Outdoors (3rd in the decathlon) in his 1st year of collegiate action.

Wish him only the best at Irvine.

(For those who don't follow these things closely, want to note men's track and field/ cross country is the CU sport with probably the least scholarship support allowed per capita based on NCAA rules (although lacrosse is close). The Buff men's roster totals ~35 student-athletes this season (there were a few more last season), and the team is only allowed to provide the equivalent of 12.6 athletic scholarships. (Women's track and field has a higher equivalent limit of 18.) Therefore, I can imagine it must be challenging managing the scholarship money to keep, especially, talented out of state folk around if they aren't receiving significant financial support as Buffs.)
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The men's track and field team announced an incoming sprinter (looks like 400M is his best distance) transfer for the 2020/21 season who hails from Westminster CO (Standley Lake HS), and spent his freshman year at Southern Utah - Tyler Williams.

Welcome and congrats to him!

His Southern Utah roster page - https://suutbirds.com/sports/mens-track-and-field/roster/tyler-williams/7203

His college (obviously limited due to COVID-19) results - https://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/7532173/Southern_Utah/Tyler_Williams.html

His high school results - https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=10050856&L=0
(He was a 2 time state (4A division) champion in the 400M. He also earned a 3rd place finish in that distance as a sophomore, and also had 2 podium finishes in the 200M and 1 in the 100M at the State Championships through his HS career.)
Looks like men's track and field has picked up a triple jumper grad transfer who was previously at TCU- welcome and congrats to Steve Fossi-Noue!

His Horned Frog roster page - https://gofrogs.com/sports/mens-track-and-field/roster/steve-fossi-noue/10750

His results - https://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/6980932/TCU/Steven_Fossi-Noue.html

(The men's triple jump has been VERY lightly competed by the Buff's, with only 7 people listed in the outdoor record books (https://cubuffs.com/sports/2004/2/11/track-field-records.aspx) in the event, and only #5 set his top mark after 1996. Looking at the 2019 Pac 12 Championships, if Mr. Fossi-Noue was to approach his personal best, he would probably earn rare points for the Buffs in the event.)
A couple incoming grad student transfers were announced today.

Welcome and congrats to them!

For tennis, Fleur Eggink (from Peize Netherlands) will be joining the team after 4 years at Marquette. Per https://gomarquette.com/documents/2019/4/15/Season_Stats.pdf?path=wten , looks like she had the best record (13-6 overall, 11-5 at #1 singles) for the Golden Eagles during this past abbreviated season.

Direct link to article - https://cubuffs.com/news/2020/5/29/tennis-buffs-add-marquette-graduate-fleur-eggink.aspx

BOULDER – The University of Colorado has signed Marquette graduate transfer Fleur Eggink, head coach Danielle Steinberg announced this week.

"We are super excited to add Fleur to our program," said Steinberg. "Not only she's an exceptional player who had a great career at Marquette, she's also exactly the kind of student-athlete we are looking to add to our team. I've known Fleur since she was a junior and was always impressed with her high character and strong work ethic. With our team being so young it will be great to have Fleur's experience and leadership to help lead the program this year."

Eggink joins CU after competing for Marquette for four seasons. She was an All-BIG EAST First Team selection as a sophomore and junior with a combined record of 22-12 in singles. She also posted a pair of nine-win seasons in doubles that included going 9-1 in the final 10 matches with her partner her sophomore season.

Her Marquette roster page - https://gomarquette.com/sports/womens-tennis/roster/fleur-eggink/4666

And, per https://www.thestridereport.com/post/grad-transfer-stephen-jones-to-finish-eligibility-at-colorado , men's cross country and track and field have picked up a grad transfer in Stephen Jones, who has been at Mississippi State. (The article says he has eligibility in all 3 seasons next year- XC, indoor and outdoor track.)

Looks like he had a solid cross country finish at last season's NCAA Cross Country Championships, finishing 90th while competing as an individual. On the track, looks like the steeplechase has been his main outdoor event, where he holds MSU's record (per https://static.hailstate.com/custompages/stats/tf/2020/tf_recordso.pdf) with an 8:41.27 time. (That time would also put him #8 in the CU record books.)

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Per the below, looks like soccer's Chaynee Kingsbury (from Windsor CO) has transferred from the Buffs to DU, where she will be a junior next season..

Per the stats, looks like Ms. Kingsbury played in all 22 matches for the Buffs this past season, starting in 4, while averaging ~37 minutes in playing time per match overall.

Best wishes to her!

Newspaper article from his hometown (Troy Ohio) newspaper about Stephen Jones' (see post #173 for more) transfer to the Buffs-

After the men's team received a potentially valuable transfer a couple weeks ago (see my last post above and #173), looks like the women's cross country and track and field teams has joined in and also received a potentially big addition in grad transfer Abby Nichols, who will be joining the Buffs after spending her undergrad years at Ohio State. She also looks to originally hail from Ohio, with Kettering (looks to be close to Dayton) being her hometown.

Per the article linked to below, she has one year of cross country and two years of outdoor track and field eligibility remaining. She is out of indoor elgibility. I'm sure she will be working hard early to move up in cross country, as she finished what I'm sure must have been at least a little agonizing 41st place in last year's NCAA Cross Country Championships. (It's the top 40 finishers that automatically earn "All-American" status.)

Welcome and congrats to her!

Direct link to thestridereport.com article - https://www.thestridereport.com/post/grad-transfer-abby-nichols-to-finish-eligibility-at-colorado

Her Ohio State roster pages-
Track and field - https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/roster/abby-nichols/
Cross country - https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/roster/abby-nichols-2/
From what I just saw at thestridereport.com website, Women's cross country and track and field (middle distance) looks to have picked up what could be another nice contributor (and 2nd grad student transfer) in Micaela DeGenero, who will be joining the Buffs after spending her 1st 4 college years at Michigan. (From the roster page linked to below, looks like she'll have one year of eligibility for all 3 seasons that distance runners can participate in- cross country and indoor and outdoor track.)

Welcome and congrats to her!

Direct link to the article (also discusses other non-Buff related transfers) - https://www.thestridereport.com/post/transfer-market-part-four

Her Michigan roster page - https://mgoblue.com/sports/womens-cross-country/roster/micaela-degenero/20563
Can't find a 2nd source, but per their Transfer Tracker (https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/2020-ncaa-womens-transfer-tracker_aid47299), topdrawersoccer.com is showing a 2nd incoming soccer transfer to Boulder, goalkeeper Dani Hansen. She hails from nearby Broomfield, and is coming back to the area after spending her 1st 2 collegiate years at the Univ. of Washington.

(I'd GUESS she will be a junior for the Buffs, but there's a slight chance she may also be a redshirt sophomore, as stats only show her playing 21 minutes TOTAL in one match early her freshman year, so may have had injury issues that season???

The Buffs are coming into the year with 3 other keepers on the roster, all with zero collegiate playing time (2 redshirt freshmen and one true frosh), so she at minimum could be providing some nice experience at that position.)

Welcome and congrats to her!!!

Her Washington roster page
- https://gohuskies.com/sports/womens-soccer/roster/dani-hansen/9602
(From their stats page, looks like she was the starter early last season, but then (per an article I found) their starter from 2018 came back from injury and Ms. Hansen didn't play after the 7th game last season, even though she did have a solid 0.87 goals per match in the 7 matches (6 of which were starts) she played in early that year.)

A Topdrawersoccer.com page for her (at Washington) - https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/col...ile/danielle-hansen/cpid-72194/tab-statistics
(Per an article linked to from that page, she was the #83 ranked player in her (2018 High school) class.)
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2nd incoming soccer transfer to Boulder, goalkeeper Dani Hansen
Had heard about Dani's transfer to the Buffs about three weeks ago from a parent of a current soccer player. Dani most likely will be the starter given her experience and talent and the fact that the other keepers on the roster just don't have college experience. Also, I doubt that there will be 4 keepers on the roster come fall semester. She was a 4 star recruit according to Top Drawer Soccer.
Had heard about Dani's transfer to the Buffs about three weeks ago from a parent of a current soccer player. Dani most likely will be the starter given her experience and talent and the fact that the other keepers on the roster just don't have college experience. Also, I doubt that there will be 4 keepers on the roster come fall semester. She was a 4 star recruit according to Top Drawer Soccer.
who do you think will be the person who would transfer out