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'17 CA QB Tyler Lytle (Signed to COLORADO)


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Still ignoring the NCAA bylaws, I see.
You are such a toad (troll). Here it is a second (and last time). This is also well understood by about everyone on here who follows CFB. You must stop embarrassing yourself!

A transfer student is a student who transfers from a collegiate institution after having triggered any of the conditions:
  • Enrolled full-time during any term and attended class or in Division I if you are enrolled full time and are on campus on the opening day of classes.
  • Reported for a regular squad practice.
  • Practiced or competed while enrolled less than full-time..
  • Received institutional financial aid while attending summer school.
All above according to the NCAA.

In other words, they can leave before classes start and not be considered a transfer. In fact, they could go back to high school if that's allowable at their High School. Or they could go eat bon bons, and sign a LOI in Febuary with no penalty. However, on the first day of class, if they are on campus, they are Buffs and to leave then, would make them a transfer.


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We still rehashing this?
Yeah, holic's stuff was refuted in the other thread, but he insists on misapplying transfer rules and using circular logic to define enrollment. Link to the actual applicable bylaws are in the other thread. The name-calling might be new, don't care enough to verify. LOL
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