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2023 NCAA Tourn. Thread-6 seed//20 ranked WOMEN'S Bball (Sweet 16 game in Seattle vs. 2 seed/ 3 ranked Iowa; Friday, Mar. 24th, 5:30 PM MT; ESPN)


Chicks dig scars.
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I was worried that we weren't going to be able to keep up this scoring pace. Need to find a way to start getting stops on defense.


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We could talk about all the crap till we are blue in the face. Proud of you ladies for playing your asses off. Sometimes, it just doesn't go the way you want it to, I'm proud as hell seeing you ladies scrap out there. It'll payoff.(y) What y'all did wasn't a failure, remember that.


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I know we have a couple of 'Buffs 1st, Iowa 2nd' fans here.

I will not be one of them.

I will root against Clark. She's a great player, but the constant whining and talking makes her intensely hateable.
Frida’s 5th foul was absolute bull****, she tripped on her own foot

Post game neither Clark nor Monika whatever even gave one compliment to Colorado, just a lot of “I’s” in her comments

She is talented, but a real punk

Refs gotta warn or technical those whiners

Wish they had yellow cards 😉

Buffs are an amazing team to cheer for!

Way to go girls, come back and try again

Nice job JR


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I hate Caitlyn Clark lol! Just as advertised. Great player, big whiner.

Iowa was impressive. Good vision and great passing! Very good team...and yet, I could have very easily seen CU beating them. We beat ourselves as much as Iowa beat us. Good game though.

CU definitely belonged in this round of the tourney. What a group of fighters! Proud of them!


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It's sitting on my DVR.

Bring beer, and you can hang out and watch it at my place.
Sounds like a plan! You live in Colorado? And what kind of beer?

I actually got to go to tonight's game and going to the Hokie game tomorrow! My Neice is a Hokie, so I started following all their sports too! Need a VT win tomorrow for my soul lol