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2024 Transfer Portal News - Please Respect My Decision

Went down the rabbit hole of an FAMU writer’s twitter and one thing I really like: Chaney is noted for his steady development each year. Everyone naturally assumes development is a steady upwards trajectory but that’s harder than it looks. Must attack the off-season thoughtfully.

Also noted for having his best games this year against FAU and in their bowl game so he stepped up to the big stage.
I think this is just based on the tweet about the schools who have reached out. I doubt there is serious interest from the staff with him having 1 year of eligibility left.
Unless, the info we are hearing about another player transferring or not coming, is the WR from Vanderbilt. In which case this makes sense.
Unless, the info we are hearing about another player transferring or not coming, is the WR from Vanderbilt. In which case this makes sense.
Sheppard was here for the Spring Game, is listed on CU's roster and has CU stuff all over his social. As I said, that report is just pulling Hayes Fawcett's tweet that has CU among 30 other programs who have "been in contact" with Badger and then somehow translates that to "CU is in the mix".
Dabo gonna run the Ferrari he built right off a cliff

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I'll be stoked when all this player movement is over. I hope that we grab a few more guys. I'm glad Lama likes our LB pickups. I saw this on 247, about player departures, no doubt CU leads, but look how close many other good teams are. Seems everyone is losing 20-23 guys...

For CU incoming guys I see 24 guys who rate at least on one rating system, as in the top 1/5 of the transfer class. I think that is pretty good, and perhaps we still may add 1-3 more. As for outgoing, DE and O.Cooper were definite losses. Slush rates decently high in a few, but injury issues. Sav would have been a good keep, but he was beaten out. By position it think we are much better:

1. QB -- SS is the man, kept QB2, adding more depth with perhaps an X factor in Taylor. Wildcat?
2. RB--mixed bag but I think we are close to even--seems that we got bigger and maybe more quality depth. Welsh played well. Off earned a schollie. Would have been nice to keep DE. We have to see how this shakes out.
3. TE--weakest position on the team, struck out with Metayer, but comparing to last years team--we look to be bigger with a player or two that can play with their hand in the ground. Better Oline may free up our TE even more. Have to see how this turns out.
4. Oline--A grade. Got better at each position, we just need to put the puzzle together. Wells felt like a loss, but Walker, Brown or Zilankas seem to offset that. Sav could have stayed but this group is deeper and more known, than last year.
5. WR--A grade--this is one of the best position groups in the country. Recruited and portaled the position well. All sorts of upside.

1. Dline--A grade. We are bigger, stronger and better with P-4 experienced players. IMO, this could be the biggest impact for the Defense.
2. Edge/OLB-- A grade. Bigger, stronger and better.
3. ILB-- not giving a grade, but we have players in with decent playing time. If Lama likes Chaney, I'm sold. Green looks like a decent pick-up. I like Wester with his PFF grade w/ run. For this group, I'm sort of counting on better Dline/Edge-OLB play, which can simplify things for them. The jury is out.
4. DB's--the room is good. O. Cooper got beat out and that says something. McKinney and Hodge are great gets. If other ILB's work out, Woods can drop in a pinch, or will be good in the dime.

Special Teams:
1. L. Wester is one of the best return guys in the country.
2. Hope the snappers that we have on the team are consistent.

A bunch of this experiment will come down to O and D installs, coordinators and just coaching. I like the upside of our new coaches, even if Shurmer is a hold-over. If SS's healthy with time, they should have enough weapons. By all appearances, Livingston appears to be a fit, however the jury will be out until they get into the season. I think a more talented Dline could pay just huge dividends, all the way around.
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Coach Addae (who he mentions several times in that article) took a job in the NFL coaching DBs with the Bills. Might be part of it
Tracks with his comments a week ago if his developer left.
"Really just trying to make the best decision for me this time around," Riley said. "I know how the process works and how hectic it can be, so I'm trying to do what's best for me."
Riley said the spring transfer process is more hectic, but his goal is rather simple when picking his next school.

"What's most important … is true development," Riley said.
I love you guys.

This is my last post on AllBuffs.

I am retiring as I've gotten the call to serve God and I am going to serve the best way I can and be a good steward for God.

If this makes you want to go the direction I am going, repeat after me, "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you".


"Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."

I loved my time here but this is a great calling and one I simply couldn't refuse.

I love each one of you and definitely can say that Colorado has some of the best fans in sports and so much good natured folks and I really enjoyed your banter.

Take care,
I see you are still lurking my friend. Come on back! We need you as we head back to dominance.