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#Fire Coach Dorrell


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What is it about Josh Heupel that I’m not seeing? I see a guy who took over after Frost’s undefeated season at UCF and delivered 3 seasons where the team’s record got worse each year (and got better under Malzahn after he left). Then he goes 7-6 in his first season at Tennessee where he opened with a home loss to Georgia State. I don’t get why he is such a hot commodity.


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Love seeing us trying to close the borders on the Box State.
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Same here. But according to Chandler it is.
I never heard it growing up. If you look at the CO Secretary of State, you will see the name first appear in businesses in 2013 and then the use of the name accelerates substantially in the last few years.


The guy has put together a good staff on paper, Now they have to get to work and develop the players. Talent evaluation and development is the only way forward for the Buffs. CU alumni like myself don't believe in NIL or paying players to come to Boulder. But if the player can get his own deal on his own, I have no problem with that. The perception is he hasn't recruited well, On paper looks like he has done a decent job recruiting. Maybe he has not gotten the flashy 4 star or 5 star. But the players he is getting are playing early and showing flashes of been good players. Can't really tell if he is a good recruiter or not until his guys make up the majority of the roster. The OL recruiting is getting better under KD. Still has a lot of work to do to fix the damage done by previous coaches.