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Official 2019/20 CFB Coaching Carousel


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I read on the internet that Missouri St is hiring Art Briles.

If so; wow.
Missouri State is a program I've thought for a long time could move up to FBS if it committed. MO is getting to be too big of a state to only have 1 program in FBS.


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Missouri State is a program I've thought for a long time could move up to FBS if it committed. MO is getting to be too big of a state to only have 1 program in FBS.
Illinois St has a better program (ask CSU & Northwestern), a more populous state, and slightly better facilities. They'd also fit better in the MAC footprint.


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I know one of the dad's of one key returning player for UNC next year and he is pissed about the Eddie Mac hiring. Said he has not been back in Greeley since the presser and they have not seen him, talked to him, nor have any idea who the staff will be (outside of what Bear Friend put up above). As of a week ago, they had one phone call before Xmas. He thinks this is going to be a train wreck
But, but,but he's a Bronco....


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Carousel Update:

New stuff noted with an UPDATE tag.

Filled Jobs:

Washington St.-
Leach weighs anchor and heads to the SEC. UPDATE: Hawaii's Nick Rolovich the new Head Coog (H/t DeNiro)

Mississippi St.- The Pirate lands in Starkville, cowbell in hand. (h/t ZKobalt) UPDATE: Leach gets $5MM for 4 yrs. (h/t Deniro)

SDSU- Rocky Long steps down, Brady Hoke takes over. That fat bastard Hoke lets Jashon Sykes go.

Rutgers- Chris Ash out (h/t dwyermj), Nunzio Campanile was interim. Schiano back for Round 2 (h/t Jalapeno).

On and off the Carousel in what may be world record time, Peterson out, Lake in. (h/t MKBuffs) Shout out to onealcd for his swami-like predictive powers on this one. UPDATE: John Donovan new OC (h/t Duff)

Florida State- Willie Taggert out after less than two years. (h/t vinniew_11). Mike Norvell in. (h/t CarolinaBuff) Leavitt gone (h/t Trufflesauce). Haggins retained as DL (h/t DeNiro). Fmr. Auburn OC/QB Ken Dillingham filling same role at FSU. (h/t DeNiro).

Ole Miss- Matt Luke is out (h/t jeric). The Lane train rolls into Oxford, Lane Kiffin in, stiffing Arky. (h/t DeNiro, ahoelsken, Hawg) Love, S and C from FAU follows. RichRod sent packing (h/t ahoelsken)

Arkansas- Chad Morris is out. Could not win even one SEC game. (h/t Duff). UGA OL coach Sam Pittman in. Fmr. Mizzou HC Barry Odom now DC (h/t Duff). Kendal Briles OC (h/t DeNiro).

Mizzou- Barry Odom out. (h/t Duff) Eli Drinkwitz in (h/t DeNiro), a $4MMper year. Ted Roof added to staff (h/t bombay). Ryan Walters and David Gibbs stay on staff.

UNLV- Sanchez does not survive. (h/t Jens). Ced Cormier is WR coach on UNLV's staff, I hope he lands on his feet. Arroyo Oregon DC in (h/t DeNiro)

USF- Charlie Strong is out. (h/t DeNiro) Clemson co-OC Jeff Scott in. (h/t DeNiro) Strong gets $3MM buyout. Dan DaPrato gets an AC position (h/t TSchek).

UTSA- Frank Wilson out. (h/t DeNiro) Jeff Traylor, from Arky, in. (h/t DeNiro) Barry Lunney, also from Arky to be OC.

Old Dominion- Bobby Wilder resigns (h/t DeNiro) Ricky Rhane from PSU in. (h/t OUBUFF)

Colorado St.- Bobo out (h/t 85Alum) Steve "dude" Addazio (h/t Jens) Urb's S in L and Dude's son get jobs on the csewe staff. (h/t Dio). S & C flees to FAU, QB Collin Hill just flees. UPDATE: Ball St.'s Joey Lynch OC (h/t DeNiro)

FAU- Kiffin out, to Ole Miss, Willie Taggart in (h/t DeNiro) Jim Leavitt DC (h/t Duff)

Boston College- Steve Addizzio out. (h/t DeNiro) Ryan Hefley, tOSU DC gets gig (h/t DeNiro).

App. State- Drinkwitz off to Mizzou. Interim Shawn Clark takes over (h/t DeNiro).

Memphis- Norvell off to FSU, Ryan Sutterfield in (h/t DeNiro).

University of Almost Mexico- Bob Davie out. (h/t Black Dynamite) Danny Gonzales ASU DC in (h/t Buffnik).

Fresno St.- Tedford steps down for health reasons, Indiana OC Kalen DeBoer in. (h/t DeNiro)

Open Jobs:

Bailer- Matt Rhule off to Carolina, his divine work completed in Waco, is off to convert Carolina, North and South, into a veritable garden of eden. (h/t onealcd)

Secondary Market-

Rolovich to Wazzu.


VT- Coach Fu a front runner for the Bailer gig (h/t CarolinaBuff)

Other News:

Oregon- Joe Moorhead new OC.

LSU- Joe Brady, fmr. OC off to the Panthers. (h/t Darth)

MIssouri St.- Hires Petrino, (h/t Bombay). No word yet on motorcycle allowance.

Arizona- Gets defensive about its DC and fires him, and one defensive AC. (h/t Jens). Chuck Cecil now DC (h/t ahoelsken). Fired their DL coach, Sumlin dropping defensive AC's on a near weekly basis. (h/t DeNiro). Sumlin back for year three (h/t Jens) Paul Rhoads now DC (h/t BuffUp).

ASU- Herm guns down his OC and pretty much the whole O staff. Boise OC Zak Hill hired as OC (h/t DeNiro) Tony White new DC (h/t BuffUp) UPDATE: Herm extended to 2024 (h/t Sewall Beach)

USC- hires Mike Bohn as AD (h/t ZKobalt), 11 other P12 programs chuckling uncontrollably. Harrell stays as OC (h/t DeNiro), DC Pendergast and S and C axed (h/t Hawg1).

Minnesota- PJ Fleck extended for 7 years, kNU in mourning.

Indiana- Tom Allen negotiating a raise, and presumably, an extension. kNU mourns more. UPDATE: Nick Sheridan promoted to OC (h/t DeNiro)

kNU- Frost extended by two years, then promptly loses, again, to Wiscy. (h/t blackdynamite) kNU extends no bowl streak with loss to Iowa.

BYU- Kilani 'the Mushroom" Sitaki extended.

No. Colorado- Earnest Hollings gets the axe. (h/t ahoelsken) Eddie McCaffrey new head Bear (h/t ahoelsken). Dave Baldwin OC, Marty English DC booted, Max McCaffrey likely to coach WR's. (h/t BearFiend).

Northwestern- McCall the OC/QB canned. (h/t DeNiro) Mike Bajakian new OC (h/t DeNiro)

Texas St.- Bob Stitt out (h/t DeNiro)

ISU/Matt Campbell- Extension signed through 2025 (h/t TSchek)

Tejas- Chris Ash new DC (h/t somebody, I forgot) tOSU passing Coord. Yurcich the new OC (h/t DeNiro)

Oregon St.- Bigger AC pool (h/t DeNiro)

Liberty- Hugh Freeze gets raise (h/t DeNiro)

Mike Bobo- Lands OC gig at So. Carolina for $1.2 MM/yr.

No. Carolina- Mack Brown extended

Notre Dame- OC Chip Long gone (h/t dwyermj)

UGA- Matt Luke now OL.

Auburn- Chad Morris retreads to the plains. (h/t Hawg)

SMU- Dykes get extensions. (h/t DeNiro)

Miami- Dan Enos canned. (h/t DeNiro)

Vandy- Mason pulls the old fire the coordinator trick as fmr. Corn****er Gdowski and and Jason Tarver out as OC and DC respectively. (h/t DeNiro)

TT- Todd Orlando lands in Lubbock as AHC/LB. (h/t DeNiro)

Memphis- Charles Clark DB coach (h/t TSchek), MikMac DC (h/t Sewall Beach)
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