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Official Allbuffs 2021 gambling thread


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Just a quick shout out to @manhattanbuff to say thanks for the gauge on the Ravens. I took the parley on the Lions and the Under and that got me back to even with the money outstanding on the unders for WSU and NU Season Win totals considered gone like I won't win it.

I don't gamble with the intent of making money for now - it is just for fun. But to know I have two "relatively" large stakes outstanding that are looking pretty good and be even in the meantime. Yeah, that's solid.



Putin's Dildo
USC -6.5 at Colorado
Army -4 at Ball State
Air Force -10.5 at New Mexico

Will add more Air Force if it moves to -10 but I don't think it will.


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Bets for this weekend. 32-15 for year CFB

Due for a bad week. I suggest going contrarian.

Heading to Westgate SuperBook in Black Hawk to check out atmosphere.

Good luck to all


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What am I missing on this ND +1.5 vs Cincy?

Could that fact that ND played down to Florida State (who is god-awful) and Toledo (who turned around and lost to CSU at home after they took ND to the wire) have something to do with it?

If Notre Dame beats Cincy, I'm not sure if they lose a game.