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Official Allbuffs CFB gambling thread


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I got 2 parlays:
ucla +3.5 and the Over (55.5), and,
ucla no points and the Over.
only $5 bets, but...

My "logic": biggest improvement is between 1st and 2nd games, Cal hasn't played yet.


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Going Cal -3.5 this morning

Also have Packers, Bucs, Eagles, Steelers on a chalk ML parlay

Ugh Packers -6.5 ruined one of my parlays. But I hit Raiders/Steelers/Saints ML and Chargers/Dolphins over so that was nice. Also won CU and Marshall bets yesterday, so overall a nice weekend. Going in on some Ravens tonight too.


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NW is really well coached and TUFF at home but I feel pretty comfortable betting Wisconsin -7.5. Expected that line to be higher.


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Weekend ended well by hitting a four team parlay...
Jags +9.5
Buffalo/ Arizona over 54.5
Dolphins -2.5
Steelers -6.5

This was an all around great football betting weekend for me.

fwiw...took Jax immediately after they went up 3-0 as their RB was doing great


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Went 3-4-1 this weekend

Iowa spread W
Indiana spread W
ECU spread L (Parlayed this so another L)

CU in game spread W
Boston College in game spread L (parlayed this so another L)

Missed a $5 parlay on the Bronco game (Raiders -3, Over 50.5, Lock passing under, Carr passing under) that would have paid out $75 had Denver converted that 2 pointer they flopped on.........but I use fanduel so I get that back. We'll call that a tie.

Thinking about for next week-
Dolphins -2.5 and over 44.5
AZ/SEA over 57
Purdue -2 (Minnesota sucks)
AFA -10/under 57
Illinois +14.5
Michigan/Rutgers under 54.5
Wazzu +2.5


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OU offense has not faced a defense like Okie Lite’s this season. The OU defense will have trouble with the Okie Lite run game (even without Hubbard). 10 is an incredible number in a rivalry game with the better defense.
Thanks. Agree on OkState D. Cousin’s grandson is a part of that crew. I’ve saw them live vs WVU.

if Sanders plays controlled, OSU wins.


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I'm layin' it on the line tonight! $1.00 bet, to win $49.

Parlay (6 Picks)​

Western Michigan
-1 (-105)
Over 60
-7 (+100)
Under 62.5
Northern Illinois
+14.5 (-110)
Over 60


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Not saying it’s going to happen, but with all the Bey to Raptors at 29 speculation, DK has that at +1600 currently.


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For this weekend:
  • 2 leg parlay: Wisconsin -7.5 and the Over of 44
  • Illinois +14.5 (****braska hate watching)
  • Manhattan special: Oklahoma State +9.5
Currently +$16 for the season. $5-$10 bets at a time don't move the needle much either way.