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Official ****braska Hate Thread

Iirc, Chinander's defense was considered the main bright spot of 2021 & he was given a significant raise/extension after the season.
Chinander has also been a problem for them. His defense is not good and relies completely on turnovers, which they made a ton during that UCF undefeated season, but they still gave up a ton of yards and never make stops in the clutch. Maybe he also was out drinking and not doing his job
You forgot the gif.
Sad Fight Club GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
I'm at the Rockies game today and they had a Huskers day this year? What in the actual ****??

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Monforts don't care about anything but making money.

Realistically there are probably more fusker escapees (oops fans) in the front range than there are people who have ties to UNC, Mesa, Wyoming, and they probably aren't far behind the sheep or us. Metro may have more than any of them because Metro grads much more frequently tend to be from here and stay here but they also don't strongly affiliate with the school.
I think they have been doing it for at least the last five years and Greeley is the furthest west Nebraska goes in some ways. I knew some Husker fans from Greeley myself.
For some reason Loveland is full of fusker fans.

For those who manage to escape it is the last flat place they can move without having to deal with having hills that aren't manure piles.

Greeley is popular as well. That feedlot smell reminds them of home.
There is a random internet rumor floating around that Trev Alber’s met with EB earlier this week

I don’t believe it, but it’s out there. Would be incredible if true