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Official CU Head Coach Search Thread - Primetime

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I was on the 6 1/2 year plan (and I can only blame the 1/2 year on transfer credits - the other two years were lost to too many great powder days).

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I would love to get Robert Gillespie (Alabama RB coach) as OC.

"Robert Gillespie joined Alabama head coach Nick Saban's staff in January of 2021 to coach the Crimson Tide's running backs.

Known as one of the country's top recruiters, Gillespie arrives at the Capstone after three years coaching running backs at North Carolina for then-head coach Larry Fedora for a season followed by two years for head coach Mack Brown.

Over the course of his 17-year career in coaching, Gillespie has produced 10 NFL running backs, including 2017 Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara. He will add two more to that list with UNC's Javonte Williams and Michael Carter declaring for the 2021 NFL Draft. Including Kamara, Gillespie mentored three NFL backs at Tennessee, three at Oklahoma State and two each at South Carolina and West Virginia.

Gillespie guided two of the nation's finest running backs in 2020 as Carter and Williams both recorded 1,000-yard seasons. Carter led the way with 1,245 yards on the ground and nine touchdowns while Williams scored 19 times on the ground and finished with 1,140 yards. In 2019, his running backs helped the Tar Heels rank 12th nationally in total offense while rushing for 188.2 yards per game. The backfield trio of Carter, Javonte Williams and Antonio Williams combined to rush for 2,258 yards (5.8 ypc) and 11 touchdowns, while catching 40 passes for another 334 yards and three scores. UNC averaged 193 rushing yards per game and 5.3 yards per carry in 2018, ranking 19th nationally.

He joined the Carolina staff after five seasons at Tennessee, where he served as assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator in addition to working with the Vols' running backs. While in Knoxville, Gillespie coached several talented backs, including Kamara, Jalen Hurd, John Kelly and Rajion Neal.

During his time on Rocky Top, Gillespie directed a rushing attack that scored a rushing touchdown in a school-record 32 straight games. The Vols scored 31 rushing touchdowns in 2016 alone to go along with 2,668 rushing yards as a team, marking the first time since the 1992, 1993 and 1994 seasons that UT had topped 2,000 rushing yards in three consecutive years.

Prior to his time at UT, Gillespie tutored running backs at West Virginia for two years (2011-12), where he helped the Mountaineers to the 2011 BIG EAST title. The Mountaineers rushed for an average of 171.8 yards per game in 2012, a marked improvement of almost 50 yards per game.

Gillespie spent a pair of seasons as the running backs coach at Oklahoma State (2009-10) where he coached future NFL running backs Kendall Hunter, Joseph Randall and Keith Toston. Hunter was an All-American for the Cowboys in 2010, ranking ninth nationally with 1,548 rushing yards, and went on to play in Super Bowl XLVII for the 49ers. Gillespie coached three All-Big 12 runners at Oklahoma State in Hunter, Toston and fullback Bryant Ward. The Pokes averaged 187.8 yards on the ground in 2009 and followed that up with 174.4 rushing yards per game in 2010, which ranked 36th in the country."


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My son went through this just this year. Had to jump through fire to get certain credits transferred from a very good school. Schools like Chapman, UCSB, FSU, UT had no problem with them at all. It's ridiculous.

I was in transfer credit articulation at Chapman for 8 years. We had a lot of leeway as a private school as to what courses we would accept in transfer. Yes, courses had to meet the minimum requirements, but as long as they were at the college level and met the minimum grade, they were accepted. We accepted courses as equivalent to a Chapman course (for GE or major use) or general elective credit toward the overall 120 credit requirement. You just had to complete 48 credits at Chapmen to graduate.

If CU adopted those requirements, it would make things so much easier to get transfers in. But again, Chapman is private and can essentially make its own rules.
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Another "retread" worth mentioning is Charlie Strong. Now 62, he's older than I'd like. Can't take that incredible run at Louisville away from him.

If you want someone new, here's someone new. Adrian Klemm (3x superbowl champ), currently assistant head coach and O line at Oregon. 46 years old. Worked with Pittsburgh last year before accepting the job at Oregon. Tomlin did not want to see him go. Probably could be had below market rate as a 1st time HC.


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I think last go around we offered Bienemy and interviewed Odom. Iirc EB turned us down and Odom was never offered. It would be a surprise if these two aren’t serious candidates again.


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This is very true, I can attest from my own undergrad transfer to cu.

I transferred as a junior, and a number of courses wouldn't transfer, or wouldn't transfer at full credit.

"that class is 3 credit hours at CU, it doesn't matter if it covered more and they gave you 4 credit hours there, you only get 3 here."

I had several labs that were 2 that became 1, and some classes that went from 5 & 4 credit hours to 3. And some that didn't transfer at all. And this was coming from an engineering school that was more highly ranked than CU (even back then, when CU's rankings were higher).

Some have posited that it's a money thing (requiring more tuition payments to "make up" the classes), but my sense at the time, and now, is that it's an elitist attitude that there's no way another school could offer as good of courses as we do.

It's bull****, and flows from the top.
I had this happen when I moved to back to CO after having worked through 42% of my MBA at USC. They were only going to give me credit for my 2 accounting courses. I said no ****ing way and never finished my MBA.


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I think last go around we offered Bienemy and interviewed Odom. Iirc EB turned us down and Odom was never offered. It would be a surprise if these two aren’t serious candidates again.
According to Feldman, EB was offered $4,000,000.00 and declined.


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Let's not be like 247 and clutter this place up with a million different threads on the same thing. There's a CU coaching search thread, individual candidate threads, and a general CFB coaching search thread. Leave it at that

As far as the CU coaching search goes, you're free to create your own profile in the bazaar as long as a) you put some effort into it (Yes, I'll happily read the profile of your HS coach if it's well done and you can make a coherent argument)


b) there is a legit reason to believe he's a serious option (no, Nick Saban ain't coming to Boulder and the voices inside your head don't count, either)


Just about everything else goes in here in this thread.


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Why the **** would we want Ceal Berry helping make decisions for the future of the football program?

The University of Colorado has a very short list of former coaches and players in any sport, who were successful enough and are currently qualified enough to be part of big decisions for CUAD going forward. I wouldn't even want Barnett involved in a search committee for a new coach, let alone Ceal ****ing Berry. Can we stop with that nonsense?
You’d better tighten your seatbelt. There is going to be plenty of nonsense posted here over the next 10 or 12 weeks!


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The "no former Buff" is a dumb restriction. What if Nick Saban was a CU graduate? or held a CU honorary degree of some sort? There are plenty of CU graduates that are excellent coaches. It doesnt mean that we should hire them, but it doesnt mean that we should cross them off the list.
Saban wouldn’t have been able to get into CU. Especially if he were transferring. :LOL: