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Official ****braska Hate Thread


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Although we had a bad night in Pullman, it's still better than spending a night in ****braska and bye week really whipped those ****ers bad...it was so bad that the BTN had to delete the video.


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the mounting loses and glacial realization that Fraudst is not the ****er messiah is starting to drag young surveyor down. Soon he won’t even have his self-made “Martinez for Heisman” poster up on his bedroom wall.
We still get to watch him reach four of the last six stages of grief over the demise of ****er. Let's ban him when he gets to acceptance
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6 months too late.
"We are ****braska, we have standards.

Of course those standards are a bit flexible if we are still in contention for a decent bowl but we do have standards.

And of course it helps if we have another guy at the position who is playing well. Can't leave us without a running back just because some girl trusted the wrong guy."


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he continues to 1) pay us money; 2) for the privilege of mocking him; and 3) he constantly proves everything we say about ****er fans is true. He's a damn moron. Also, we trim him back as necessary.
I periodically wonder if I made the right call deleting my quote of his post where he accidentally linked his "friend's" Kik account or whatever that was. That thing was freaking hilarious.

Yeah, I probably made the right call at the end of the day. We are all human. But... I still wonder sometimes...


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Better late than never, I guess. I didn't have a lot of faith that he would ever do the right thing after he made the call to lift Washington's suspension at halftime of the first game because they only had 50 yards rushing and a small lead on South Alabama.
He didn’t do the right thing. The right thing was taking him off the team as soon as this came up. The wrong thing is waiting until they have another player they trust at the position, and bowl game lookout is doubtful, THEN act self righteous and kick him.

But then again, ****braska flexible moral standards. It’s not for everyone.