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2019-20 Pac-12 MBB Thread


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Every time I go to the ESPN basketball page I am getting a spam pop up redirect to some add page. Wtf. ESPN sucks


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I'm not sure how good they really are but after watching Stanford win a seriously ugly game vs UW last night, and with their schedule, could the Trees be the PAC party crashers this year?

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Oregon State got manhandled by ASU. I have a feeling that loss will haunt us.
I'm more interested in seeing how our squad responds, it'll speak to who they are as a team. We lost one we shouldn't have, so whatcha gonna do about it? Sometimes a loss like we had can wake your ass up quickly, or, it can ruin the whole damn thing. I think they'll respond well.


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Oregon State got manhandled by ASU. I have a feeling that loss will haunt us.
ASU is a guard heavy team / runs a press and knows how to break pressure...could have just been a bad matchup for OSU...but yes, that loss will suck come seeding time


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I'm not sure UW's going anywhere this year.
UW is the most disappointing team to me this year so far. Green being out is big, but still, was hoping they would have pulled out a solid non conference win. They seemed to be imploding...

edit: They did beat Baylor early in the season, so that's solid. But, all their other losses, including a tough one to Gonzaga, make me think they're outside looking in, heading towards just being out.
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Oregon State very close to running away from Arizona. A sweep in the desert next week would be amazing. I don’t expect in the least.


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I'm the exact opposite. ASU is the winnable game - I don't care if they're gunning for us or not. They're not a great team. Arizona is inconsistent, but they're good.
We matchup well with ASU since we've got a guy in Kin who neutralizes or surpasses Remy Martin's impact on the game. I like our good against their good.

UA is more of a case of each team needing to exploit matchups where each team has advantages.


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NET Ranks after Week 2 of conference play:

#11 Stanford
#13 Oregon
#18 Arizona
#21 Colorado
#45 Oregon State
#51 Washington
#59 Arizona State
#60 Utah
#68 USC
#126 Washington State
#149 UCLA
#155 Cal

Of note for CU:

Kansas #5
Dayton #8
Northern Iowa #37
Clemson #92
CSU #121


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Any of you watch Oregon State and Arizona? If so, what was the story in that one?
Saw just a few minutes here and there. Same thing every time i surfed back to the game.

Nasty azz 1-3-1 zone vs a bunch of me-first athletic attempts. 'Zona players looked like they had no clue what to do against that zone.

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Here's a stat that will probably surprise some people:

KenPom's rankings of the Pac-12 have CU easily #1 in the league on offensive efficiency. We're top half on defense, but it is our offense that separates us.
Holy ****. Even if it is only in conference. Number 4 over the course of the season. On track to be Tad's second best offense ever. Defense is number 2 to Stanford. Great balance

Also, look at the projected conference records. This is going to be wild.